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10 Trendy Worktop Colours From Dekton 2019 Collection

Inspired by industrial building materials like concrete, cement and more, the Dekton worktop colours 2019 are perfect to spruce up modern interiors.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen interior with trendy designs, Dekton has come up with its new range of colours in 2019. These latest hues are part of an industrial collection that’s highly resistant to staining, chipping, scratches, impact and UV-rays.

Here are the 10 most popular Dekton colours for 2019 that are ideal for blending modern style with luxe visual aesthetics:

1. Dekton Aura:

Boasting ultra-compact surface, Dekton Aura is a gorgeous shade that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is available in two varieties – Book match Aura slabs and Regular Aura slabs. Both are likely to create contemporary, symmetrical designs.

2. Dekton Zenith:

dekton zenith

To offer consistency and calmness to the environment, Dekton Zenith is a subtle white coloured slab. It is made from sintered materials to add aesthetic charm and practicality to any kitchen space.

3. Dekton Nilium:

dekton nilium

Another ultra-compact surface is the Dekton Nilium by Cosentino. It is designed to evoke the organic aesthetics of metal, along with a gorgeous mixture of white and silver hues in its backdrop, which depicts the process of oxidation in architectural spaces.

4. Dekton Blanc Concrete:

TECH Collection

Dekton Blanc Concrete is also influenced by the industrial aesthetics of urban living. Belonging to the Tech Collection, this latest colour is ideal for any internal or external setting.

5. Dekton Tundra:

The highly-polished Dekton Tundra is made with the combination of certain raw materials under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Its manufacturing process adds strength and aesthetic value to your living space.

6. Dekton Domoos:

kitchen worktop with multiple hob cut outs in Dekton Domoos in a Smooth Mate finish

The blackish ultra-compact Dekton Domoos is perfect to create a dark-themed interior within a contemporary urban setting. Furthermore, this non-porous material is easy to clean. Hence, it is a very practical solution for busy homeowners, as it doesn’t require a special sealant for cleaning.

7. Dekton Orix:

dekton orix

Dekton Orix by Cosentino is also a gorgeous hue from their Industrial Collection. It is designed to mimic organic variations present in the cement. This beautifully narrates the natural decaying process that suits any architectural theme or industrial design.

8. Dekton Sirocco:

Made from the sintered materials, Dekton Sirocco is a cream-coloured slab that mimics the natural aesthetics of limestone and marble. But this material overcomes the inherent problems associated with natural stones with its virtually non-porous surface.

9. Dekton Korso:

dekton korso

Don’t want white or black shades in your kitchen? Add the brown-coloured Dekton Korso to the interior. It mimics a natural brown marble but its virtually zero-porosity makes you worry-free about stains and scratches.

10. Dekton Taga:

dekton taga

Boasting the natural appearance of natural marble and quartzite, Dekton Taga adds a subtle aesthetics to your interior. Meanwhile, its practicality is likely to impress any homeowner, as it’s highly resistant to heat, scratches, freeze, staining, impact and UV rays. So, you can easily install it in both indoor and outdoor areas of your home or office space.