3 Marble-Inspired Quartz Worktops to Spruce up Your Interior

Marble is the evergreen countertop material for homeowners, architects and designers. However, for those who like marble but don’t have time to upkeep this high-maintenance natural stone, marble-inspired quartz worktops are the best option.

Many homeowners love marble worktops due to its sophisticated aesthetics, versatile designs and luxurious feel. But this natural stone doesn’t meet all criteria of modern homeowners because its porous surface easily traps moisture, stains and shows scratches.

Marble-effect Quartz for Modern Homes

However, for those who cannot get over the beauty of marble but also stay away from it due to its flaws, engineered and technological quartz with realistic marble looks is the best option. Many kitchen worktop suppliers offer stylish marble-effect quartz with exact natural veining found on natural stone surfaces. But the best part is that these quartz worktops are non-porous, highly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, heat and impact.

Compac Quartz is a leading quartz brand from Spain, offering worktops that replicate the best features of marble while ensuring durability with low maintenance. These marble-inspired quartz surfaces are available in a wide range of subtle shades with natural veining to easily blend with the trendiest interior styles. In addition, the Compac Unique Collection offers stones in different thicknesses, finishes and sizes which are sure to blend into any property regardless of its design theme.  

Many people don’t know that marble is not just available in white but also comes in a wide range of shades. Shades of marble vary due to various minerals found in marble resourced from different geographical regions. Similarly, the same varying shades of marble and natural effects can be recreated industrially to create quartz in different colours. Whether you want subtle or intensely veined patterns, you can find quartz in endless shades.

However, if you don’t want to dive deep into the marble-effect quartz ranges, here are the best options to blend with modern interior styles:

  • Compac Unique Carrara: This worktop design boasts the timeless aesthetics of the classic Italian white marble while offering the superior performance of quartz. This Compac quartz worktop won’t etch when it meets acidic foods or liquids. It is also highly resistant to heat, staining and scratches, just like other quartz surfaces and hence, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Unique Carrara by Compac is available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30 mm with slabs dimensions of 3300 x 1630 mm.
Compac Unique Carrara
Compac Unique Carrara kitchen worktops and Island in 30 mm thickness
  • Compac Unique Pietra: The Pietra Grey marble is technological quartz influenced by the famous Italian Pietra Grey marble. However, it is different from the natural stone, as it doesn’t require sealants and can easily be maintained with usual household cleaning agents. If you need a precious worktop material with luxurious appeal and ease of use, Compac Unique Pietra can be an ideal option. It comes in a polished, as well as a Glace Finish, enabling homeowners to add the desired feel to their cooking space.
Compac Unique Carrara
Compac Unique Pietra Worktops and kitchen island with a mitred front downstand
  • Compac Unique Venatino: Unique Venatino by Compac is another visually appealing quartz stone with a classic white backdrop and graceful pattern of grey veins running all over its surface. Unlike the timeless natural Bianco Carrara Venatino marble, Compac Unique Venatino quartz is made under the industrial conditions to reinterpret the natural stone in terms of its appearance. It brings the authentic feel and elegance of the traditional Italian Bianco Venatino marble to any interior area where it is installed. This worktop is made from 93% pure crystalline quartz pieces and resins to offer uniformity in colour and lasting performance. It is a perfect piece to improve the overall comfort and luxury of architectural design. This design is available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30 mm. Also, the huge slabs dimensions of 3300 x 1630 mm will ensure comfortable design and creation of seamless pieces.