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3 Reasons Why you should go for Quartz & Limestone Worktops

Quartz, the second most abundantly found mineral on the earth was traditionally used for jewellery and stone carving but has lately become one of the most ideal material for kitchen worktops, vanity tops, etc. Similarly, there has been a rise in the use of limestone for such purposes since it is a soft stone and can easily be cut and shaped. Quartz and Limestone Worktops have increasingly been replacing the traditionally preferred Marble and Granite worktops. Following are the three reasons you should choose Quartz and Limestone Worktops for. Fine finesse and Luxurious Looks Quartz composite engineered surfaces manufactured of blended polymers and resins gives you a combination of smooth and luxurious looks. Travertine is a form of limestone marked for its fibrous texture. Mostly found in naturally light colours such as white, gold and certain reddish hues, these stones create a classy ambience. A further polishing of these stones adds to their unique finesse and luxuriousness. Durability due to high resistance Composite worktops are manufactured in a way that keeps the natural characteristics of Quartz stone intact and at the same time improves its capacity of resistance to heat, fissures and scratches making it ideal for use as kitchen worktops. Also, their superior hardness helps handle abrasive forces. Low/Easy Maintenance Quartz worktops are easy to maintain due to their minimal absorption power and non-porous nature. Also, Limestone worktops have a smooth texture which makes it suitable for use for places prone to getting stained or scratched. Oil and acids also do not have much of an effect and they can be cleaned using water only. Compaq London deals in Compaq Quartz and Limestone surfaces. A plethora of options in terms of size, texture and colour is available on My Kitchen Worktop that offers a range of Compaq Quartz and Limestone Worktops in London at unbeatable prices.