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4 Tips for Selecting Worktops Direct as Per Your Needs

Selecting the right indoor or Outdoor worktops is one of the most complex tasks for any home decoration or redecoration project that is undertaken. The availability of a large number of options in the market can make the selection process arduous and difficult for even most experienced buyers. With an increasing number of natural and man-made materials flooding the UK market, it may become daunting to differentiate between the different colours, finishes and purposes a given surface may offer or what each of these brands may provide specifically to your project.

One of the most common tips with respect to selecting a worktop is that you should select one that suits your needs as well as your budget. If you too, are unable to pick the right worktop for your kitchen, these four tips are sure to help.

1. Understand your needs

Start with first understanding your needs from the worktop. The way you will use or apply this horizontal work surface, would help you in selecting the correct type of worktop material. For example, if outdoor BBQ parties are very common in your home, look for materials that excel as BBQ worktops. If this was the case, you would be best provided with a natural stone material such as marble or granite that can be used inside and outside. Despite this particularity, some natural stones with exotic looks may be expensive and for this reason, many homeowners prefer to display them in interiors. Outdoor surfaces from leading brands such as Dekton, Neolith and Ceralsio, offer man-made products with the look of marble, wood, or glass; that can be used outdoors without having to worry about the material degrading with the passage of time.

Similarly, there are materials recommended for baking, cutting, withstanding high temperatures, scratches, etc. Know how you will use the worktop, and you are already halfway through the job.


2. Balance beauty with functionality

While worktops made from natural stone are popular for their beauty, some types, especially the light shaded marble, may be prone to stains, etching and scratches. If you are looking for a worktop material that is widely available, and that it can add up to the beauty of your kitchen, natural stone such as marble or granite worktops can surely be a great option.

However, if your requirements from the worktop are complex and challenging, it is better to go with a modern alternative such as the one offered byNeolith worktops or ultra compact worktops as they are more durable and have better physical properties that include high resistance to stain, scratches and heat. Neolith is made out of a mix of raw materials and minerals including quartz, porcelain and glass, resulting in a worktop surface that is lightweight, and one that can be used in both interior and exterior areas including fireplace surrounds, staircases, walls, patios, gardens and utility rooms.

3. Maintenance requirements

No matter if you are looking for internal kitchen worktops or external worktops, the maintenance requirements are an important consideration. As compared to natural stone and wood, ultracompact surfaces like Dekton worktops are a better option.

These surfaces have excellent physical properties and minimum maintenance requirements. Moreover, as the surfaces are available in many different colours, you can easily find one to suit the interiors of your kitchen.

4. Texture and colour

Modern worktops are available in multiple textures and several colours. Understand the overall design of your kitchen before you get in touch with a renowned stone supplier in your area as this will make it easier for you to pick the right worktop for your kitchen.

While bright colours are in trend now, they don’t suit every kitchen decor. If you want to make sure that your worktop remains trendy several years down the line, pick one in a neutral colour that matches the interiors of your kitchen.

There are now reliable stone supplier in the UK that source the latest worktop surfaces from all the top brands in the world to offer several great options to the homeowners. Many of these suppliers also have online portals where you can easily explore all the great options. Look for one such supplier and remember the tips mentioned above to pick the right worktop as per your needs.