7 Great Pre-cast Terrazzo Marble Worktop Materials

Terrazzo floors have been popular since the ancient times. While it is said that this type of decor was first used in ancient Egyptian mosaics, it actually originated in Italy. The Venetian stone masons started producing this type of flooring from the marble chips they used to save from their jobs. The chips used to be floated on top of a layer made from concrete or clay to create a beautiful mosaic on the floor.

Over the years, the manufacturing technologies have improved by leaps and bounds. Manufacturers now offer exclusive pre-cast Terrazzo marble to help create this unique flooring. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, these pre-cast marble surfaces can be used indoors as well as outdoors. As compared to the traditional ways of creating the Terrazzo mosaics, the use of marble helps make the installation affordable and time-efficient.

Apart from the beauty, Terrazzo marble is a popular flooring option as it is also long-lasting, durable and has minimum maintenance requirements. Due to the increasing demand for pre-cast marbles, many brands now offer them in many different designs, colours, sizes, textures, and across a wide price range.

If Terrazzo marble floor is what you want for your home or office, we’ve compiled a list of some top marbles that you could use.

  1. Compac White Faraya

Compac is one of the top brands to offer pre-cast marble for Terrazzo floors. The brand produces this technologically advanced marble by combining pure crushed marble, resins, and polymers to provide enhanced performance and stability while also maintaining the natural looks of marble.

White Faraya from the brand has a warm white backdrop with light brown veins in tiny swirls to make the marble look unique. No matter if you want to install it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors, the subtle elegance of the marble is as such that it’d easily blend with any kind of decor. This is also a great terrazzo marble option for your project.

Compac White Faraya

Compac White Faraya is available in many finishes like polished, textured, silk and brush-hammered to perfectly match other elements of the room. The marble is available in 3000x1230 dimension and several tile sizes and even bespoke sizes for custom applications. Apart from floors, the marble can also be used for vanity tops, back splashes, worktops, table tops, and much more.

  1. Compac Beige Faraya

Beige Faraya is like White Faraya mentioned above, with the base colour of the marble in an earthy beige tone. The beige coloured marble features fine veins in a darker shade of beige which make the material look unique and trendy. Apart from the natural beauty of marble, Compac Beige Faraya also comes with impressive physical characteristics like impact resistance, slip resistance, and chemical resistance.

With a surface hardness of 3-4 on Mohs’ scale, rest assured that this pre-cast terrazzo marble would continue to maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come. Unlike standard marble, this pre-cast marble is made from marble, resins and advanced polymers which significantly improve its performance over standard marble.

Compac Beige Faraya

The material is highly versatile and can be used for a host of residential applications like flooring, facades, cladding, area surrounding the fireplace and even staircase. Even commercial properties can use it for many different applications like furniture, columns, frames, and doors. Shopping centres, restaurants, offices, hotels, and bars are some common places where the marble is generally used.

  1. Compac Blanco Aura

If you want your floor to stand out and look unique, Compac Blanco Aura can be a great option. The marble with a warm white background features light grey crystals and random hues of blue throughout the surface which make it look one-of-a-kind material. Easy to clean and maintain, the marble is an excellent option for any decor, especially if you’ve selected blue, grey or white as the primary colour for the interiors.

As the marble has an impressive flexural strength and surface hardness, it is an ideal choice for areas with high foot traffic. Apart from homes, commercial spaces like restaurants and even public spaces like airports can consider installing Blanco Aura for many different applications. As the marble is highly versatile, it can also be teamed up with other materials and colours to create a unique decor.

Compac Blanco Aura

While cracking was a common problem with traditional Terrazzo installations, the advanced manufacturing technologies used by Compac ensures that Blanco Aura and all the other pre-cast marble that it offers are highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and nicks. Available in multiple finishes and colours, Compac Blanco Aura is not only one of the trendiest of marbles but also one of the most affordable.

  1. Compac La Perla

White is one of the most popular colours for indoor and outdoor installations. Compac La Perla combines this classic beauty with beige crystals of different shapes and sizes to offer a pre-cast marble that looks breath-taking and is also highly versatile. As Compac provides the marble in large sizes, it is a perfect choice to ensure that the design continuity is maintained throughout the room.

Apart from large areas, the marble is also an excellent choice for areas with limited space as the bright appearance of the material creates an illusion of a larger space. Combine it with other elements in a glossy finish and some intelligently placed lighting to make the space considerably bigger than it is.

Apart from being a unique colour combination, white and beige can also easily blend with many other colours to help create a stunning design. Marble also blends well with other materials like ultracompact, quartz, limestone, and porcelain, allowing you to experiment and create something stylish and long-lasting.

  1. Quarella Ginza

Quarella is also a top Italian brand offering a wide range of pre-cast marble surfaces which are ideal for Terrazzo flooring. Quarella Ginza from the brand features a warm black background with crystals in many different colours like beige, grey, white, and black to help you add a touch of magnificence to any decor.

This terrazzo marble is made from blocks of marble which have been crushed and blended with many different raw materials. As a result, the marble sports the beauty of natural stone but has considerably improved physical characteristics. It has excellent flexural and compressive strength, dimensional stability, freeze and thaw resistance, and abrasion resistance, making it an excellent choice for flooring as well as many other applications.

Quarella Ginza

Quarella Ginza can be combined with other materials in colours like beige, white, and grey to create unique spaces. Available in smooth and polished finish, it comes in slab sizes of 3050x1240mm and many different tile sizes to perfectly suit your requirements. Many of the stone suppliers in the UK also offer this marble in custom sizes and formats.

  1. Quarella Polare

Homeowners looking for something subtle for their home are sure to like Quarella Polare. The off-white marble has tiny speckles throughout the surface which ensure that the material looks almost like natural stone but performs better. Apart from homes, the marble is also very commonly used in shopping centres, offices, hotels, and other commercial areas.

Buyers prefer Quarella Polare over many other pre-cast marbles due to its simplicity and practicality. With an increasing number of homeowners now preferring simple and spacious decor, Quarella Polare can be an excellent choice. Apart from flooring, it can also be used for creating worktops, walls, furniture, splashbacks, and more.

Quarella Polare

The marble is available in tile and slab format to suit different applications. While Quarella is very popular for its high-quality marble surfaces, it is equally reputed for its affordability. So, if you are looking for a simple pre-cast marble and have a limited budget, Quarella Polare can be the one for you.

  1. Quarella Fior Di Pesco

Quarella Fior Di Pesco presents a greyish-beige backdrop decorated with crystalline quartz worktops in many different colours, shapes, and sizes. As the pre-cast marble is made from many different dark colours like beige, grey, black and green, it is highly recommended for high traffic areas as it does an excellent job of hiding the dirt and filth.

Due to this, the marble is not only a preferred choice for residential applications like living rooms and kitchens but also for commercial applications like bars, hotels, and restaurants that witness a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. As the material has excellent strength and durability, it’d continue to maintain its beauty and functionality for several years.

Quarella Fior Di Pesco

It has minimum maintenance requirements and common marble problems like etching, cracking, and fissures are eliminated with the help of an advanced manufacturing process. Like all the other surfaces from Quarella, Fior De Pesco is also available in many different sizes and finishes to perfectly suit each of your applications.

Final Thoughts

While Terrazzo marble flooring has been around since ancient times, the trend has revived itself in the past few years. The precast marbles with the natural beauty of stone and improved technical capabilities make them a perfect choice for this type of flooring. If you are looking for something unique for your residential or commercial space, Terrazzo flooring with any one of the above-listed marble can be a fantastic choice.

There are now reputed surface providers in the UK who import all the latest terrazzo marble surfaces from manufacturers all over the world, to make them available to the consumers. Look for one such top surface provider to know more about the benefits of pre-cast marbles and how these surfaces can be used innovatively to create bright and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.