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8 Well Known Restaurants that have Marble Worktops and Quartz Countertops

Marble and other types of stone are often necessary for creating the perfect look for commercial premises and offices all over the world. Most of the time, it is used to create a unique design or to set a tone or theme to any office and/or commercial space. Thanks to the popularity of natural marble and its hybrids, it is not surprising that a lot of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other commercial outlets are also using marble in its spaces to give the place a more memorable look.

While it is important to see what kind of marble suits your restaurant and its design scheme, you can always mix up its marble surfaces or blend it by using accessories and table necessities. With marble table tops being very popular for such applications, here are eight well-known restaurants that use these types of marble and similar stones to make a statement and send a clear message to the public when it comes to branding:

Café Rouge

The main piece used for table tops here is the Compac Carrara quartz. This is because it is a very versatile alternative to natural marble that provides its very same looks without the inherent maintenance needs of a natural stone. This is one of the aspects that make it easier to create new patterns and colours, perfectly fitting in with the tone of the restaurant. Café Rouge used it as table tops in a subtle off-white colour that complements the bright red of the couches well.

Cafe Rouge


One of the choices as a marble table top that this chain prefers to go with is Pietra grey marble. It contrasts the bright interiors and the wooden décor beautifully as it adds a splash of grey and white to an otherwise popular décor.


Yosma Restaurant

To keep in with the theme of the restaurant, Yosma has gone for a starker colour for its table tops and main counter. Bianco Eclipse quartzite, with its distinctive veining and glassy looks is pretty hard to miss.

Yosma Restaurant

Randall & Aubin

In order to keep a simple and elegant theme with its timeless appeal, Randall & Aubin prefers to go with the classic simple white of Bianca Cararra marble honed which provides a more subtle finish and keeps things uniform. It gives the table a rustic yet elegant look throughout.

Randall Aubin

Suvlaki Restaurant

Originally quarried in Italy, Grigio Carnico Marble with its dark grey colour and thick white veining makes it instantly recognisable and popular. You cannot fail in using it as a table top!

Suvlaki Restaurant

La Casa Di Mama Restaurant

Off white marble with heavy grey veining is the feature of the Statuario marble and this is used in the La Casa restaurant in abundance. It is simple, cost effective and can match with any décor!

Restaurants: La Casa Di Mama

Nikki’s Bakery

Made from a beige colour and a delicate random pattern of lighter cream veining through its surface, Compac Botticino quartz worktops is the perfect stone for countertops and table tops in bakeries because besides its neutral appeal it is an extremely strong material, highly suitable for foo preparation areas that requires practically no maintenance and it will never require sealing. It is light, bright and really opens up a room!

Nikki’s Bakery

Gail’s Bakery

This bakery chain adds a pop of colour to the décor with a grey and green theme. Some of the marble types used across their many branches in the High Street are Grey Marquina marble and Indian Green marble which makes are very durable and also very easy to maintain whist providing classic and elegant looks to their outlets.

Gail Bakery

With so many different marbles worktops and stones to choose from, it is of no surprise that restaurants want to up the cool quotient with them!