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Advantages of Using Limestone Tiles for Flooring

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Limestone flooring for use in kitchens is perfect for those who are remodelling their house, like the idea of having natural stone within the house but are unable to determine precisely what type of stone would they like to use for the floors. Limestone flooring tiles are a great choice for many reasons, as mentioned in the article below.

Here are some advantages to choose limestone tiles over other flooring materials for your home, and especially your kitchen:

  • Competitive Prices: Stone flooring in the past was used in stately homes and mansions, but not even the average home can have floors of stone in certain places at least. The best kind of limestone tiles can be a great flooring material for kitchens as they last a lifetime and will really add up to the overall value of a house. Limestone flooring is often compared to fine wine that only ages beautifully over time.
  • Easy Maintenance: Limestone flooring is one of the easiest kind of floors to maintain. Just mopping up a floor after removing the dust by sweeping is enough to maintain the floor tiles. However extreme situations like pets scratching the floor, spillage of liquids on the floor, sand being dragged in from the outdoors on the floor, etc should be avoided.
  • Very Durable: Limestone flooring is extremely durable, on the condition that no expense is spared during the initial installation. Old buildings, houses and cathedrals are testimony to the fact that limestone flooring lasts a lifetime.
  • Graceful and elegant: Stone flooring of any kind, whether it’s marble, limestone tiles, granite, etc. give an aura of elegance and a class look to the home. Aesthetic appeal of properties increases by using stone tiles for floors which lend themselves to a wide variety of looks, from modern through limestone to traditional with travertine, from rustic through slate to grand with marble.

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