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All You Need to Know about Magna Glass Ceramic

If you’re looking for an attractive and unique material for your kitchen countertop, Magna Glass Ceramic is perfect. It is made out of 100% recyclable industrial glass waste. The luminous and translucent appearance of Magna Glaskeramik brings unique character to your kitchen while enhancing the eating area. 

Magna Glass Ceramic is made completely out of industrial glass waste. It is hand-manufactured and transformed into glass granules in an easy and controlled manner. These granulates are further sintered using temperature without any need for binding additives or pressure. 

The sintered panels of the Magna Glass London are further placed in cooling hoods under controlled conditions. The finishing process calibrates the raw panels, which can further be polished and cut in custom or standard sizes as per the personal or industry requirements.

Why Glass Magna Ceramic?

Magna Glaskeramik is made out of almost 100% recyclable materials. The surface of the slab is often used for making ovens, splashbacks and also diffuses light in a half reflection.

Many homeowners prefer Magna worktops because these offer luxurious appeal to any kitchen space where it’s installed. It is available in various colour options, which can bring real sophistication and value to your living space.

The Glass Magna splashbacks are crafted from toughened glass that is highly resistant to staining, heat and scratches. Moreover, the 6mm standard thickness makes them easy-to-install and practical at the same time.

Magna splashbacks

The tiles are available in the sizes:

● 2700 x 1200 mm & 3450 mm x 1450 mm (polished)

● 2780 x 1250 mm & 3500 x 1500 mm (patinated finish)

● Thickness - 6 mm to 30 mm

Versatile and Practical Designs

Glass Magna Ceramic comes in versatile designs and attractive, seamless panels in rustic, modern and other types. These are not just the seamless pieces but also there are no gaps or grouting when installing these glass-ceramic slabs.

You can count on the coupled smoothness of this attractive material that is easy to clean. With this ultra-smooth countertop, you won’t have to worry about stains, mould build-up or bacterial proliferation.

Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue
Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue

The glass Magna is naturally inaccessible to grease, water and bacteria. Any spillages or marks can be cleaned easily using a sponge or soft kitchen cloth. Moreover, it allows you to use the surface on any cooking tasks, without worrying about repair, maintenance or breakages.

With glass Magna, you can replace your existing kitchen decoration without much effort. There is an increasing demand for such tough and functional glass Magna splashbacks in houses and offices, as well as commercial premises, to complement any interior decor.

Glass Magna ceramic revolutionises the design of the transparent heat-resistant countertops. It doesn’t contain any harmful substance and hence, is safe for the kitchen when most of your meals are prepared throughout the day. Furthermore, the chemical resistance of glass Magna is more extensive compared to other countertop materials available in the market.