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All you need to know about Silestone Eternal Noir quartz stone

Silestone Eternal Noir is a timeless and sophisticated quartz stone design to enhance the aesthetics of any modern interior. If you are looking for something extraordinary for your dwelling, choosing this Silestone colour is an ideal option.

Silestone by Cosentino is a wonderful composition of over than 93% natural quartz and some other raw materials and pigments to create elegant natural stone-like surface material.

Featuring the popular Silestone N-Boost finish, Silestone Eternal Noir from the Eternal Collection offers many stone-inspired countertop options for homeowners. Like natural marble, it is made for those who love the intense black theme for their cooking space or any other area of a house or office.

Silestone Eternal Noir

When we talk specifically about Silestone Eternal Noir, this chic worktop material is likely to remind you of natural black marble. It is a sensitive design influenced by the elegance and asymmetry of natural stone. Some of the popular marbles in its inspiration are Sahara Noir marble from Tunisia and Nero Marquina from Spain. The sober design boasting straight white lines all over the black backdrop remind you of dark but cosy, warm spaces.

Silestone Eternal Noir
Silestone Eternal Noir Kitchen Island wrapped around

With this Silestone marble design, you can create a sophisticated and extravagant kitchen interior without putting in much effort. Eternal Noir is the result of a sensitive design inspired by the asymmetry and elegance of natural stone. Their straight lines and sober design recall dark but warm spaces.

Reasons to Consider Silestone Eternal Noir for your kitchen worktop:

Undoubtedly, the entire Silestone Eternal Collection has some mind-blowing designs. But Silestone Eternal Noir truly stands out from the rest because of its timeless appearance. Silestone Eternal Noir is available in thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. It is also available in different tile formats and in slabs. The Silestone Jumbo slab with dimensions 3250 x 1590 mm is ideal to create large surfaces without seams. Additionally, you can benefit from the 25-year available warranty on all Silestone products. Besides, here are some essential factors that make it one of the best options for modern homes:

1. It has anti-bacterial protection

Cosentino is known to provide Silestone quartz worktops with an exclusive anti-bacterial protection. This makes these worktops ideal for installing in kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops, flooring and wall coverings. Due to the bacteriostatic treatment, these worktops can resist germ or bacteria attack and hence, offer you a clean and hygienic environment. In addition, the newly developed N-Boost treatment makes the surfaces liquid repellent, ensuring spillages will never become a concern.

2. Stain-resistant

There is no doubt that Silestone kitchen worktops are highly stain-resistant, as these surfaces are non-porous. However, what makes Silestone Eternal Noir the best option for busy lives is that it already comes in an intense dark hue. Being a black worktop material, it’s going to conceal all the marks and imperfections within the veined pattern, if any.

3. Highly durable

Silestone Eternal Noir is primarily pure quartz stone. Quartz worktops can withstand scratches, impact and heat. This means you don’t have to worry about dropping a utensil or putting a hot pan/pot over its surface. However, it’s still recommended to put a hot pad or trivet on the surface before placing utensils on it. This extra care will only protect your worktop surface from burns due to thermal shock.

4. Easy to maintain

Since Silestone Eternal Noir is so easy to maintain, most architects and interior designers prefer this worktop in their specifications. This is because if the users don’t have enough time to clean their worktop surface thoroughly, they don’t have to worry. Unlike the natural stones, such as marble and granite, this worktop material also doesn’t need any sealing, resealing or re-sanding. Hence, it’s cost-effective in the long run.  

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Silestone kitchen worktops start from £99+vat per square metre. The price can vary depending on the chosen design, thickness, finish, edge profile and installation cost and installation area. We recommend asking for installed prices of your chosen product rather than just the material cost. This will ensure you are informed of the total cost for any project.