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Breaking News: Dekton launches its 2020 designs at the KBB in Birmingham

Cosentino hosted a head-turning stand at the renowned KBB Show in Birmingham from 1-4 March 2020. Their Stand displayed its upcoming products for designers and homeowners to experiment with different colour combinations and add chic flair to their living space.

The Collection Dekton London 2020 includes different series, such as Tech and Chromica. Both the series are based on their commitment to create exquisite, exclusive and cutting-edge designs. With their new collection, the company is ensuring that it still stands out from other brands, as it keeps coming up with innovative products to transform urban spaces distinctively.

Characteristics of New Dekton worktops:

  • Both Tech and Chromica Series are the epitome of fluidity and elegance. Brand engineers have brilliantly blended the sensitivity of nature with modern technology. It helps in bringing the dynamics of life to a contemporary home interior.
  • UV Resistant: Like all other Dekton worktops, the new worktop series also bear UV-resistance capabilities. It means that the worktops won’t fade or deteriorate after being exposed to the sun for an extended period. It makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Stain and Scratch Resistance: These worktops also feature Anti-Stain Technology, making them resistant to stains. It means that even stubborn stains like coffee and wine can also be removed from Dekton surfaces without much effort. The worktops are also highly resistant to scratches and abrasion compared to natural stones like granite.
  • Cold Resistance: Dekton worktops also have a natural resistance to ice and thawing, making it perfect to be installed in areas that are exposed to low or freezing temperature conditions.
  • Heat Resistance: Just because of the nature of Dekton, the worktops can easily withstand high temperatures without showing any signs of damage.

Dekton Collection 2020

Here are some new colours from the Dekton Collection 2020 to spruce up the ambience of any home:

1. Dekton Aeri: The brand new Dekton Aeri from the Tech Collection 2020 is a sintered stone surface, which is suitable for modern kitchens and bathrooms. This worktop surface boasts a creamy surface and is likely to add a subtle flair of natural concrete to any space. Unlike natural concrete, Dekton Aeri is highly resistant to stains, scratches and etching even after regular wear and tear.

The latest ultracompact surface is made by mixing quartz, porcelain, glass and raw materials. The resulting surface is sturdy and durable and hence, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This new material boasts warm tones and matte finish to enhance the aesthetics of any construction project. The inspiration of this worktop material comes from not only detail and high performance but also organic textures and colours.

dekton aeri

2. Dekton Eter: Belonging to the new Chromica Collection, Dekton Eter is also made from the mixture of quartz, glass, porcelain and raw materials. The resulting ultracompact surface is highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat, freeze and etching. This new shade boasts dark brown to grey colours with minimal organic aesthetics that add subtle character and elegance to any given space.

Dekton UK offers unique shades of dark tones and matte finish to spruce up any interior. One can quickly transform the look of the entire kitchen or bathroom interior with this organic hue with subtle texture.

dekton eter

3. Dekton Baltic: Dekton Baltic is also from the Chromica Collection. This ultra-compact surface evokes the beauty of marine depths. This dark blue colour is born from the pure and natural elements, giving serene and elegant character to the surrounding environment. The dark hues of this surface can mesmerise the entire look of the kitchen interior with a matte finish.

dekton baltic

4. Dekton Feroe: The wilderness of nature from the Dekton Chromica Collection influences the new colour. Dekton Chromica Feroe boasts green and blue colours that mimic the purity of natural landscapes. It’s an excellent worktop surface for any interior that requires a touch of nature to bring life to the living space. Furthermore, its UV-resistance makes it a great material that won’t fade or degrade over time.

dekton feroe

5. Dekton Olimpo: Boasting white backdrop with subtle and light grey veining pattern, Dekton Olimpo boasts the natural aesthetics of authentic marble with superior sheen. The blend of technicality and high performance with organic textures is great for any modern interior.

6. Dekton Kahlo: This Dekton surface is a sintered stone worktop that’s suitable for flooring, kitchens and bathrooms. Influenced by exotic Patagonia Granite, Dekton Khalo bears aesthetics of natural stone but without incurring its flaws like stains, scratches or etching even when exposed to heavy traffic and daily wear and tear.

dekton khalo worktops

7. Dekton Laurent: Dekton Laurent provides the natural look of Noir Laurent Marble to a modern interior. This ultra-compact sintered stone offers an unbeatable deep black background with orange veins in random patterns just like the natural stone. Contrary to the natural marble, Dekton Laurent is non-porous and does not bear any flaws like scratches, stains or etching.