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Caesarstone Piatra Grey 5003 - Everything You need to Know!

Piatra Grey are marble looking surfaces on a grey background with soft charcoal grey hues made by Caesarstone. My Kitchen Worktop is a supplier based in London who installs Caesarstone kitchen worktops, floor tiles and wall cladding in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex and surrounding areas.

Caesarstone Piatra Gray

Caesarstone Piatra Grey is a quartz surface combining the classical appeal of natural marbles such as Grey Marquina, Bardiglio or its very same counterpart, Pietra Grey marble. Unlike some of the above natural stones, Caesarstone won't scratch, mark nor etch with household foods or drinks.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Kitchen Worktops

Above image from Caesarstone Piatra grey kitchen island

Caesarstone Piatra Grey utilizes cutting-edge technology to incorporate pattern to its surfaces. The charcoal background makes this an extremely versatile and easy to match material in both residential and commercial environments and design layouts.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Kitchen Worktops 2

Table top in Caesarstone Piatra Gray quartz

Caesarstone Piatra Grey 5003 is a natural looking quartz surface with improved aesthetics over the classic marble versions. Caesarstone quartz products are made from natural quartz and some variation in colour and pattern may occur. The manufacturer always recommends to view an actual sample or slab.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Honed Quartz Worktop

Above image of a Piatra Grey quartz worktop in honed finish for a subtle finish

There are many edge profiles to choose from, Caesarstone comes in thicknesses of 13mm, 20mm and 30mm. Caesarstone colours can be applied kitchen worktops and splashbacks, bathroom cladding, staircases and floorings amongst many other applications.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Table Top Honed

Caesarstone Piatra Grey 5003 honed for a table top application with a bevel edge and mitered front profiles

Caesarstone surfaces have 93% of pure quartz with a polymer and resin combination which makes it harder and more resistant than other natural stones such as limestone, granite and marbles. Caesarstone comes also in designs of 13mm thickness which can be used for wall paneling. Non-porous, mould and mildew resistant, these quartz surfaces require minimal maintenance.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Kitchen Worktops 3

Above image of a Caesarstone Bianco Drift kitchen worktops

Caesarstone Classico range includes many other colour combinations such as Dreamy Marfil and and Frosty Carrina for mix and match combinations of these exquisite and sleek materials.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Kitchen Worktops 4

Caesarstone comes with 10 Year product warranty available upon registration, once installation of the product is complete.

Caesarstone Piatra Gray Vanity Top                                          

Bathroom vanity top made with Caesarstone Piatra Grey 5003 quartz

Piatra Grey™ Specifications

Collection Classico Motivo Concetto
Range Standard Deluxe Premium Supernatural
Available Thickness 13mm 20mm 25mm 30mm
Surface Finish Polished Honed Textured  
Dimensions 3,060mm by 1,440mm
Weights 13mm = 143kg (32kg per m2) 20mm = 220kg (50kg per m2) 30mm = 330kg (75kg per m2)
Available Edge Profiles Note: A minimum radius of 3-4mm is recommended on any edge profile.

Please feel free to contact us on 0203 0788921 or via email at [email protected] for more information about Caesarstone Bianco Drift 6131 quartz. For more information from the manufacturer, please click here. My Kitchen Worktop thanks Caesarstone for all images.