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Range of Calacatta Quartz

Calacatta quartz is a man-made material, offered by manufacturers of stone with aims of satisfying the market demand for materials that look like the Italian Calacatta marble.

Calacatta quartz is different to the natural marble in that is made with a mix of pure quartz crystals crushed and blended with additives and resins that provide the thick grey veins and golden hints on some of its variations.

My Kitchen Worktop offers the most comprehensive range of Calacatta Quartz in the UK

Engineered Calacatta quartz has become one of the most popular product for interiors as it is adaptable to applications in kitchen worktops, vanity tops, floor tiles and wall splashbacks. Calacatta quartz is non-porous which helps in avoiding the harbouring of bacteria whilst offering very easy daily maintenance with no more needed other than soapy water and a kitchen cloth.

There are many different varieties of Calacatta quartz, ranging in slab sizes, prices, finishes and thicknesses, making the choice of product almost endless and suitable for any type of property and design schemes.

Looking for the correct type of Calacatta quartz for a project can become daunting due to the excess of information and choice in the marketplace, which can often lead to confusion for the potential users of the material. We recommend contacting an experienced stone supplier that offers consultation services so they can recommend the right type of Calacatta quartz for your project prior to making a purchase.

When it comes to choosing Calacatta quartz, one of the main things to keep in mind is to choose not only the colour and shade that matches your design but to ensure the quartz selected comes from a reliable source. As the prices for Calacatta quartz raise from brand to brand, it is indicative of not only a more natural-looking stone but also of the fact that the materials will be available and that a post-sales service and teams are ready to assist in case of any eventualities when is chosen from one of the leading brands. With Calacatta quartz it is also advisable to check the dimensions of the slabs by the chosen brand against those of your project as less waste will, in turn, mean more value for your investment.

We have put together a list of some of the Calacatta quartz available in the UK marketplace in 2019:

  1. Silestone Calacatta Gold

Silestone offers many varieties of Calacatta quartz, with the most popular 'Eternal Calacatta Gold', displaying thick veins and a delicate white background. It is available in slabs with dimensions 3250x1590mm, thicknesses in 12mm 20mm and 30mm and finishes in Polished and Suede.

kitchen worktops by silestone calacatta gold by suchi reddy

(Designed by Suchi Redd)

2. Silestone Bianco Calacatta

Bianco Calacatta is a 2018 addition to the Eternal Quartz Collection by Silestone, offering a Calacatta quartz stone with a pure white backdrop and the classic thick grey veins scattered on its surface. It is also available in slabs with dimensions 3250x1590mm, thicknesses in 12mm 20mm and 30mm and finishes in Polished and Suede.

silestone bianco calacatta kitchen

3. Compac Unique Calacatta

Unique Calacatta quartz is one the first versions of  Calacatta quartz, created by the Spanish manufacturer Compac, The Surfaces Company. Unique Calacatta quartz comes in Giant slabs with dimensions 3300x1630mm and thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm.  It also comes in both Polished and Glace (matt) finishes. Compac Unique Calacatta is probably one of the closest materials available when it comes to the realistic looks of Calacatta marble.

compac unique calacatta

4. Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

Caesarstone was the first quartz manufacturer to introduce Calacatta quartz surface into the market and yet one of the best looking Calacatta marble surfaces that require very little maintenance.

Calacatta Nuvo comes in standard slabs with dimensions 3060x1440mm and a Jumbo Slab with dimensions 3330x1660mm which will cover the largest kitchen islands without the need of joints or seams. It is available in both polished and honed finishes.

caesarstone calacatta nuvo

5. Silestone Classic Calacatta

Classic Calacatta offers a more subtle vein than Eternal Calacatta Gold and makes its way to the UK, offering a sophisticated surface with classic grey veins on a delicate looking material. Ideal for traditional settings, Silestone Classic Calacatta is available in slab formats with dimensions 3250 x 1590 mm and thicknesses in 12 mm 20 mm & 30 mm with finishes in both Polished and matt Suede.

silestone classic calacatta kitchen

6. Unistone Calacatta Toscane

Calacatta Toscane by Unistone who offers an Asian quartz stone with the impeccable looks of Calacatta Tuscany brings finish options in Polished, Velluto (matt) and Letano (textured satin) making their product go a long way in terms of their offer for a different type of interiors. Unistone Calacatta Toscane is available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm and slab format with dimensions 3050 x1400 mm which makes it ideal for smaller kitchens and bathrooms that require value to their investment.

Unistone Calacatta Toscane

7. Cimstone Calacatta Venato

Cimstone is a quartz manufacturer from Turkey who has been trading during the last decade in the UK with a good rate of success by offering products that are competitively priced yet practical in areas and interior applications in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Cimstone Calacatta Venato is a new design for the 2018 Collection and offers a white background stone with thick veins in greyish-golden tones that bring a touch of luxury to your designs. Calacatta Venato by Cimstone comes in a polished finish, thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm and a slab format with dimensions of 3100 × 1600 mm highly adaptable to both modern and traditional interiors.

cimstone calacatta venato

8. Quartzforms Soul Calacatta

Quartzforms is an Italian manufacturer of composite materials that produces their quartz materials with German technology. Soul Calacatta brings a white background stone with the classic veins of marble for interior decoration. Quartzforms Soul Calacatta is made out of 92% pure quartz crystals and other resins and raw minerals that result in a non-porous material highly adaptable in kitchens and bathrooms. Soul Calacatta is available in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm with a polished finish on slabs with dimensions 3200×1640 mm which covers an area of 5.25 square meters.


9. Classic Quartz Calacatta Milan

Classic Quartz is a fairly new brand in the UK which offers a selection of quartz stones from Asian and India with aims of bringing affordable stone products to any type of interior. Calacatta Milan is available in slab format with dimensions 3050×1600 mm and thicknesses in 20 mm and 30 mm. It is also available in book matched designs which allow the creation of original patterns in walls, floors and worktops.

classic quartz calacatta milan

10. Classic Quartz Calacatta M01

Calacatta M01 by Classic Quartz offers a variation to the Marble Collection of the popular stone distributor, with a product that offers a white background stone with a thicker vein than the ones seen on Calacatta Milan which result in a more opulent look for interiors that require that focal factor. Calacatta M01 quartz comes in a longer 3200 mm slab and width of 1600 mm which allows for larger panels and kitchen island without any seams.

classic quartz calacatta m01

11. Classic Quartz Stone Calacatta Lusso

Calacatta Lusso is another option by Classic Quartz for Calacatta looking surfaces, this time with a material with a whiter backdrop than the versions M01 and Calacatta Milan, providing brilliance and spacial awareness to any interior in which it is installed. Classic Quartz Stone Calacatta Lusso is available in slab format of 3050×1600mm and thicknesses in 20 mm and 30 mm which make it versatile and usable for practically any type of interior application.

classic quartz stone calacatta lusso

12. Stone Italiana Calacatta Oro

Stone Italiana is a Verona based Company that has been producing composite surfaces since 1979. It is a family run business that takes exceptional care and attention in the way their surfaces are produced, and they have an unmatchable drive to create new and distinctive materials. Calacatta Oro by Stone Italiana brings a pure white surface with exclusive grey veins with tints of gold and black offering a luxurious surface finish to counters, walls and floors.

stone italiana calacatta oro

13. Stone Italiana Calacatta

Calacatta is another version of the popular natural marble by the Italian producer with a drive for continuous research and development of new quartz and marble surfaces to the market. The Calacatta quartz version by Stone Italiana offers an opaque white stone surface. Coupled with thick veining in light grey with touches in darker grey tit definitely achieves subtle elegance in any area.

stone italiana calacatta

14 Opal Calacatta Gold Quartz

Opal Quartz is a stone made from 93% natural quartz, making it extremely tough and durable. Similarly, Opal Calacatta is ideal for applications such as bathrooms, kitchen worktops and floorings. If you are looking to have a minimal number of joints, Calacatta quartz by Opal is a great option. It offers slabs with dimensions 3100×1600 mm which are large enough for seamless quartz worktops and splashbacks. In addition, Opal Quartz provides any space with great quality stone, as it is the biggest brand in its country, whilst remaining a relatively is a hidden gem in the UK. Opal offers the versions of Opal Calacatta Gold, Opal Calacatta Ouro and Opal Calacatta Classic. With all of these options, there is a Calacatta for every type or property!

Opal calacatta quartz


15. CRL Calacatta Quartz

CRL Calacatta was launched in Spring 2019 and is already turning heads. It features grey veins and symmetrical yet natural-looking patterns. Coupled with its antique white backdrop, the stone offers a modern twist to the classic marble surface. Not only that it can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms but its high resistance to heat makes it suitable in kitchens and applications such as fireplace surrounds.

crl calacatta

Calacatta Quartz Video by Caesarstone