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Cambria Quartz Uk Colours New Launches For Summer 2019


Cambria quartz is a result of advanced technology to create surfaces with cutting-edge design. Keeping in mind its high demand, its manufacturers have added some amazing new colours to its collection. You can pick your favourite and bring the latest trend to your cooking space.

Love the timeless appeal of natural marble worktops but don’t want to face the problems associated with its porous surface? If so, Cambria quartz is probably one of the best options. This engineered stone not just mimics natural marble with precision, but its non-porous surface also lacks the maintenance associated with natural stones.

Cambria quartz

Cambria quartz is one of the popular kitchen countertop materials among many designers, architects and homeowners around the world. Its extravagant appearance and availability in more than 145 designs and colours make this material suitable for any interior project.
But if this wide design range is not enough for you, its manufacturers have come up with more new colours that will mesmerize you. In the UK, the latest Cambria Quartz colours for Summer 2019 are not only practical and easy to use but also exceptionally beautiful.

We are listing the ten latest Cambria colours in the UK to help you create a stylish home or office:

  1. Cambria Bentley: Cambria Bentley mimics natural elegance of black marble worktops. It is designed to marry the natural beauty of Panda White marble with San Simone quartzite. If you want a gorgeous kitchen material reminiscent of Cambria black marble, Bentley is the best option. It boasts charcoal veins and hints of grey on its pure white backdrop. It is available in slabs of 20mm and 30mm thicknesses and polished finish to highlight its truly beautiful pattern.
  2. Cambria Levven: Following the age-old tradition of limestone on Earth, Cambria Levven is just perfect to elevate the appearance of any interior. It features dynamic waves in grey and black, along with movements of sporadic white. This model is perfect for any space with demanding requirements. Levven is made with over 94% pure quartz crystals which make it highly resistant to staining, scratches and chipping. To clean, you can wipe a kitchen cloth and soapy water.
  3. Cambria Skara Brae: Cambria Skara Brae boasts off-white marble-like finish with black and olive veins all over its surface. Apart from its realistic marble effect, this stone has ample dimensionality. If you are looking for luxury Cambria worktops with a subtle aesthetics, it is the best material to consider. Skara Brae offers the traditional look of marbles such as Calacatta but goes a step further by featuring bold veins and a dramatic effect. It is available in slabs with dimensions 3360x1660mm which allows you to create pieces such as large kitchen islands without any joints.
  4. Cambria Clairidge: Cambria Clairidge comes with a beige backdrop and elegant veins in black, brown, bronze and caramel colours. It is part of the Cambria luxury series to furnish your interior with a sophisticated look. This design is available in a sheet dimension of 3360x1660mm and thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. It is the perfect addition for any space that could use a natural limestone accent without the hassle of such stone in a cooking environment. Not only that it is non-porous, but Cambria Clairidge also avoids the proliferation of bacteria to provide hygiene and practicality
  5. Cambria Marwell: Are you looking for a distinctive kitchen stone? Cambria Marwell is perfect, as it comes with striking patterns in dark grey, black and walnut tints on white background. The makers created this material inspired in the beauty of granite in mountains and glaciers around the globe. In contrast with natural granite, Cambria Marwell doesn’t require additional coatings or sealants. This makes it a great choice for those who don’t have time to maintain natural stone. By using only the highest quality materials, Cambria quartz produces truly unique colours bringing depth and dimensionality to any space.
  6. Cambria Huntley: Cambria Huntley is a unique kitchen worktop material with decadent veins in bronze, black and golden tones, along with hints of white. It is a dazzling pattern that’s likely to captivate any kitchen area with its luxurious marble effect. Cambria uses and selects only the highest quality of quartz to make all their materials, creating a visual impact wherever displayed.
  7. Cambria Mayfair: Interlaced by the navy and baby blue blotches with black peppering effect, Cambria Mayfair gives great aesthetics to any space. It’s wonderful to see how the swirling patterns sit calmly on the creamish-white backdrop. Cambria quartz is a company from the USA that produces all its designs from locally source materials.
  8. Cambria Islington: Cambria Islington is another wonderful new colour in the series that’s guaranteed to turn many heads this year. It also boasts blue and navy blotches all over the sectional white and grey backdrop.
  9. Cambria Clareanne: The design of Cambria Clareanne is compared to the famous design of Cambria Queen Anne and it’s also a part of the Luxury Series of quartz. It boasts waves and bands with linear veining in the form of fine threads to promote calmness with its dynamic pattern. It is available in polished and matte finish looking divine in any area in which it is applied.
  10. Cambria Rosedale: Cambria Rosedale is an astonishing contrasting black and white quartz stone, which is designed to offer incredible performance. Besides aesthetics and durability, these Cambria quartz worktops can avoid condensation and humidity due to its non-porous surface. Rosedale is available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm and polished finish.