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Why Choose Composite Worktops?

Composite offers superior longevity, durability and flexibility as worktops, while adding to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Being engineered stone, composite worktops are one of the strongest worktop materials, soon after quartz worktops, that one can invest in. While it’s similar to laminate worktops, in the way they are constructed, composites are far more hard wearing, luxurious and can withstand the normal, everyday kitchen abuse. Overall, it’s a stone worth the investment.

Compac Black Ama Quartz

Here are a few reasons why investing in a composite worktop can be worthwhile:

Benefits of Composite Worktops

Hygienic - Composite stones offer seamless installation, and almost invisible joints. This eliminates the build-up of bacteria and other insects, which otherwise tend to creep up through the nooks and crannies. This makes Composite a hygienic stone, and highly suitable for kitchen worktops, especially in the meal preparation areas of the worktop.

Non-porous - Solid composite stones are non-porous. Therefore, they require no special cleaners or sealing. This also means that spills won’t get absorbed by the stone, and therefore it won’t stain. It’s high consistency, makes it resistant to bending or warping, over time.

Highly durable - Similar to laminate worktops, composite worktops are also consist of a main core. However, composite laminates are much stronger and sturdier than laminate worktops, owing to their highly consistent core. Another contrast feature that composite worktops demonstrate, as compared to laminate worktops, is that any scratches on the stone can be sanded, and wiped with a warm cloth to regain the original smoothness, which isn't possible with laminate worktops.

What makes composite worktops great for you? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below. And, to select from our wide range of Composite worktops or premium surfaces such as Compac quartz in UK, visit us at www.mykitchenworktop.co.uk.