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Compac Functional Range 2017

Many people dream to own a beautiful Compac quartz worktop or stone floor in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. It’s not always easy to find a product that delivers versatility without losing aesthetic value, quality and practicality in an only concept for usage. But for the allure of all designers, architects, construction builders and homeowners, this scenario was radical and revolutionary changed with the introduction of the Compac Functional Quartz range 2017

What is the Compac Functional Range?

Compac Functional Range is a new collection introduced by Compac. Compac is the second largest quartz manufacturer in the world with over 40 years experience in the stone industry. Compac is Spanish and the Company and produces technological quartz and marble products for interior and exterior decoration. The Functional range is a collection of quartz products launched in 2017 which was conceived with the intention of providing a range of earthy coloured materials that blend with a wide array of design styles at affordable prices, which aims to expand the reach of quartz worktops and surfaces throughout the different scales of the property market without making these exclusive to the higher segment which was the tradition during the past couple of decades. Technological advances ensure quartz worktops are now at the reach of a much wider range of properties in the marketplace. Compac Dim Functional is a single piece of quartz with dimensions of 3040x1400mm that is characterized by its earthy tones and that is perfect for combining with any material and design. It comes primarily in two finishes- polished and glace (matt). It also comes in tile formats, with varying sizes of 60x60 cm, 60x40 cm, 60x30 cm, 30x30 cm, and thicknesses varying from 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Compac Dim functional
The above image shows a kitchen island with a mitred downstand in Compac Dim functional 20mm thickness in a polished finish[/caption] Compac Warm Functional is a single piece of dark earthy colour quartz available in polished and glacé (Matt) finish. Warm Functional contrast its counterpart Dim Functional in that it offers a darker shade to ambience that require more subtle elements in their design, without losing the timeless appeal that organic coloured surfaces can offer.  It can be highly useful in applications offices or kitchens.

Compac Warm Functional

The above image shows an office desk with Compac Warm Functional worktops in built up 40mm thickness[/caption] Compac Cool Functional is a single piece of light cream coloured quartz available in polished and glace (Matt) finish. It complements its counterparts Warm Functional and Dim Functional quartz by offering lighter hues that offer the possibility of bringing life to small spaces or areas that require a product that brings shine into any interior space. Also available in slab formats of 3050x1400mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm, it provides an endless array of possibilities in terms of design and applications including kitchen worktops, vanity tops splashbacks and wall cladding, and flooring.

What are the benefits?

Compac Quartz maintains the consistency of colour and eternally avoids fading or altering any other kind of change on the hues which makes it ideal for curtain wall system. It is a product of extraordinary performance but light at the same time, with powerful strength which makes it more resistant than natural stones such as granite and marble. It’s a lifetime product. Therefore, it can be used for wall cladding and kitchen worktops. It will not damage nor wear out over time. The dimensional stability provides excellent consistency in size and thickness to all Compac quartz products, minimizing the need for corrections and facilitating installation which makes it ideal to work with in both building and refurbishing projects. The Compac Functional Range is non-porous and does not need to be sealed. It’s extremely resistant to abrasion and scratches which makes it a flawless surface for both businesses and homes. The low coefficient of thermal expansion and the material resists strongly to impact of cold and heat. It would discourage anyone to see stain marks on their newly purchased surface, but with Compac you do not have to worry any further, because it is completely stain-proof. Any marks from coffee, wine, sauce, can be cleaned very easily using only soap water and a cloth. The Company offers a 30 year manufacturers’ warranty upon product registration to all clients in the UK. Compac Functional is highly resistant to UV rays. The manufacturer assures the best quality that lasts a very long time. You can order your favourite Compac Functional Range quartz colour for your home or business from My Kitchen Worktop who are approved suppliers of Compac Quartz surfaces in the UK. Save