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What is the Difference between White Marble, White Granite and White Quartz Worktops

Making any space look presentable or appealing takes a lot of hard work, creativity and should be backed by good materials. People invest large sums of money in the interior designing and decoration of a given place - whether it is residential or commercial. The choice of white marble worktops depends upon the purpose they are supposed to serve and the tastes and preferences of the users. This article will shed some light on the basic difference between marble, granite worktops and quartz worktops.

Horizontal surfaces that are used to perform certain tasks on it are called worktops. They may be used in a variety of places such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Some people may prefer white marble worktops while others may prefer white quartz worktops. In the market, other available options are white granite worktops that are preferred by many.

white marble worktops

It has become relatively easier for people to gain access to firms that produce such products. For example, an individual may merely use a search engine and search for ‘white worktops’ and find all the varieties and the respective information about them.

However, it is important for potential customers to know about the various options before they opt for one of the worktops as their choice.

Following are the various types of stone, explaining hat is the Difference between White Marble, White Granite and White Quartz Worktops

Granite  – It is formed of magma that is found deep within the earth, thus it is an igneous rock. Being a rock it consists of minerals such as feldspar, plagioclase and quartz. It looks very similar to marble slabs and is known for their aesthetic appeal that reflects in their impressive veins. It comes in a variety of colours such as white granite. Granite is known for its tough nature and durability, making it ideal for worktops used in commercial kitchens.

Marble – Marble is formed from another rock – limestone, over millions of years, this is why it falls under the category of metamorphic rocks. Marbles from various places are famous by the name of the places where they are found, for example, the white marble found in Carrara, Italy. They are also available in colours ranging from white to black. Marble is soft as compared to granite. It makes it easy for a mason to stain and etch on its surface. Marble has a cool surface which makes it ideal for pastry making, and is a must have worktop for home-makers who love to bake!

Quartz – While marble and granite are rocks, quartz is a mineral. It is made up of silicon dioxide, and it has a crystalline nature. It is the most widely found mineral on the Earth. Quartz is clear if it is pure. However, the presence of impurities gives the minerals a variety of colours like white quartz. Engineered stone has quartz as the main component; it is used to make backsplashes and countertops. Quartz is powdered and mixed with resin to form slabs, thus it can resist scratches, etchings, etc that can result from everyday usage. This puts quartz at an advantage as compared to marble and granite that have to be sealed and stored as they can get scratched and strained easily. Quartz worktops are ideal for kitchens that see a lot of activities and is often the point of origin for house parties!

Following the above paragraphs, you may know now more about what is the Difference between White Marble, White Granite Worktops and White Quartz Worktops

Granite and marble are naturally occurring meaning one would need to invest very little time to maintain worktops. Quartz is also a natural material. Although when people refer to quartz worktops, they are referring ' engineered quartz' which is man-made. Quartz is non-porous and unlike marble and granite, you won't need to get it sealed.

The only factor that keeps people from choosing natural materials for their worktops  may be some of their performance characteristics. It should be kept in mind that investing in a worktop made of natural rock or from a good brand of quartz, is a good decision in the long haul!