Different Concrete-Effect Worktops to Transform a Modern Kitchen

The timeless concrete material has now become an integral part of many modern kitchen spaces. With its unique character, concrete kitchen worktops are stylish and polished to transform any given area. However, if you’re not ready to deal with the porous surface issues of real concrete, you may invest in solid concrete-effect quartz worktops.

The concrete-effect worktops by different brands are designed to provide the exact feel of the conventional building material while ensuring high performance. The quartz worktops have taken the design and architectural industry by storm. Nowadays, quartz worktops can mimic any natural stone or material, including concrete.

Why you need concrete-effect worktops?

While concrete in itself is a lasting material, it needs natural sealants to prevent stains from its surface. Investing in quality concrete-effect quartz or porcelain materials is a good option if you’re not ready to bear the flaws of real concrete.

Concrete Effect

How is concrete-effect quartz worktop made?

These worktops are made by combining around 93% natural quartz crystals with different pigments and resins. The outcome is a non-porous material, which is highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches. The quality concrete-effect worktops come with manufacturer warranties, ranging from 25 to 30 years.

Best concrete-effect worktops in the UK

My Kitchen Worktop offers you some of the best concrete-effect worktops in the UK. While there are many different concrete-effect worktop brands, here’s a small list of the best concrete effect worktops we supply:

  • Caesarstone Raw Concrete: Caesarstone Raw Concrete boasts a grey background with a neutral tone. It is an ideal worktop to bring a chic industrial feel to any interior.
  • Caesarstone Fresh Concrete: Caesarstone Fresh Concrete is a subtle light grey worktop with a neutral tone. This concrete-effect worktop is the lighter coloured model of the industrial Raw Concrete quartz, which is also ideal for different design schemes with visual flexibility.
  • Compac Zement White: Another practical concrete-effect worktop is the Compac Zement White with a unique matte finish. It offers a silky and luxurious finish to the interior.
  • Dekton Orix: Besides quartz, you can even consider adding Dekton Orix ultra-compact surface to your kitchen interior. This worktop surface intended to evoke the natural variation of cement stone while depicting the natural decay that reminds you of the industrial designs.
  • CRL Concrete Gris: The CRL Concrete Gris honed quartz is a homogeneous material with grey stone and a delicate matte finish. It further offers a fresh feel and looks to the modern interior with superior performance. If you want the look of concrete or cement but do not wish to worry about staining, scratches or crumbling of the material, CRL Concrete Gris honed quartz is the ideal option.
  • Silestone Cemento Spa: Boasting unparalleled consistency and uniform stability, Silestone Cemento Spa is a beautiful grey quartz stone to add an industrial feel to different interior designs. It is available in various slabs of 30mm, 20mm and 12mm thicknesses to fit any seamless design across the large surfaces.
  • Neolith Concrete Taupe: If you wish to bring the rustic, warm tone to the interior, look no further than the stylish Neolith Concrete Taupe. This rough slab boasts micro flakes for adding slight sparkles onto the stone. It is an ideal worktop for both indoor and outdoor cladding.

Using the quartz or porcelain concrete-effect worktops, you can quickly bring the realistic effect of natural concrete into your home.