The Different Shades of Granite Worktops

Many home owners are under the impression that granite kitchen worktops are only available in neutral colour palettes. But this is not true. Granite worktops can actually be purchased in a wide range of colours that home owners in London so dearly prefer. Furthermore, colourful granite worktops can also suit different kitchen styles and help you achieve the appearance that you are looking to create in your cooking den.


Granite is a favourite among worktop materials as it is a highly durable and beautiful natural stone. Available in shades like white, black, gray, blue, brown, beige, and red, granite can perfectly blend in to your existing kitchen decor to match your cabinetry and electrical appliances. If you like pure granite kitchen worktops, you will have to search harder as they are not very easily obtainable. The most typical white granite worktops generally come adorned with flecks of other colours such as black, gray, blue, or red sprawled all across the stone’s surface. If you have wooden cabinetry in your kitchen, these white granite worktops will look strikingly attractive and will also create an expansive illusion of space. Other colours such as black and gray offer a highly dramatic look and best suited for kitchens that have a more modern and contemporary decor. These worktops will therefore go very well with light wood furniture or white cabinetry. If you are not fond of these shades, you can always opt for brown or beige which also offer the advantage of  blending in with more kitchen styles. Other shades like blue and red are less frequently found in kitchens but if you do consider these, you will be creating an exotic and a bold statement in your cooking den. You can pair these with light coloured cabinetry and furniture. To see a stunning kitchen design unfold before you, choose a colour that reflects you personal style. All the best! Choose your favorite color by browsing through a collection of Granite Diresco Quartz Worktops in UK.