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Discover the Beauty and Convenience of CRL Quartz UK, from the house of CR Laurence

Recently, interior décor and home fashions have made a gradual shift from dark colours and the use of traditional materials such as granite when it comes to kitchen worktops, to lighter shades such as those found in stones such as marble and limestone instead. However, certain types of natural marble and limestone require high-maintenance and may be prone to stains, etching and scratches.

This is where CRL Quartz comes into the picture. Highly resilient and easy to maintain, these engineered quartz surfaces have been recently introduced as CRL Quartz UK. CRL Quartz UK is the latest offer with a range of materials offered by CR Laurence who has been trading in the Construction sector for over a century.

CR Laurence has progressively established itself as a worldwide leader in the glass and glazing industries acquiring distribution centres across the USA and Europe with over 43 branches to service their clients. Over 2 decades ago, CR Laurence introduced Caesarstone and distributed its products across the UK. After 2 successful decades in the stone industry, CRL launches their own range of quartz and porcelain surfaces with CRL Stone and Ceralsio.

Here, in this post, you can find all that you need to know about these highly popular Quartz worktops and flooring materials offered by CR Laurence through the CRL Stone range.


CRL Verona quartz offers the natural beauty of Carrara marble with a stone that does not need sealing of its surfaces

CRL Quartz Range – the Latest Product offering from CRL Stone

CRL Stone launched a comprehensive range of strikingly beautiful and resistant engineered quartz surfaces. A CRL quartz uk spokesman added that their surfaces are made under Bretonstone guidelines which ensures their products comply with environmental as well as European regulations for products in contact with foods in the market.

Highly durable and easy to maintain, the CRL quartz stone range is perfect in both traditional and modern homes, in areas such as kitchens, floorings and bathrooms, where not only flexible design but also great durability are paramount.

Some of the Key Benefits and Features of CRL Quartz surfaces

  • Highly resistant to wear and tear

Highly durable, it’s perfect for areas that attract a lot of foot-fall. These may include flooring and worktops in both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, unlike natural stones such as marble and limestone, CRL Quartz doesn’t need any sealants to be applied once it is installed. Nor it will need re-polishing of its surfaces ever.

  • Say no to Scratches

CRL quartz is also a scratch, stain and heat resistant material, making it a perfect fit for places such as kitchens, offices and bathrooms. Food and liquids can be placed directly on the surface without damaging it. You can actually cut, chop and prepare items on a sturdy surface that will resist the most demanding tasks a kitchen can undertake.

  • Adieu to Stains

With CRL Quartz, you no longer have to worry about food and other stains from detergents, solvents, bleach, vinegar, oil and so on. Stains can be easily cleaned with regular and water. Further to these qualities, what makes CRL Quartz so stain-resistant is its manufacturing process: the material is made by a mix of approximately 90-95% pure quartz crystals, and a small aggregate of additives and other minerals that provide consistency in colour and particularities to each of the different designs produced by CRL quartz. This mix is then vibro-compressed, a process in which an industrial vacuum ensures there are no pores on the surface, resulting in a practically zero-porosity material.

  • Heat and Impact Resistant

The product doesn’t produce toxic gases or smoke, even when exposed to high temperatures. Similarly, it has high resistance to impacts and knocks, making it perfect for highly used functional spaces such as bathrooms, utility rooms and storage areas in interiors. Quartz is a poor heat conductor which makes it highly fire resistant. This also ensures the material remains cool at all times, mostly matching the temperature of the room in which it is installed.

  • Minimal Maintenance and Hygienic

You can quickly clean CRL Quartz worktops with soapy water, or a window cleaning spray and a cloth. There is no need to invest in specialized stone cleaning products. Since the quartz stone non-porous; it prevents the build of mould and bacteria, making it child-friendly as well as suitable for laboratories, hospitals, schools and universities.

  • Long Manufacturers’ Warranty

All CRL Quartz stones, be it the whitest of whites, such as CRL Quartz pura white or the naturally veined CRL Verona quartz are all covered by the 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing customers with peace of mind when it comes to selecting a surface that protects their investment and brings value into their homes.

Colours and Finishes

The CRL Quartz UK range is available in 39 colours including the popular CRL Quartz Ice, CRL White Water, launched in 2017 and new colours such as CRL Monte Bianco, CRL Vicenza, CRL Montana Gris and several others recently launched at the KBB 2018 in Birmingham.  Each of these surfaces is available in either polished or honed finish.

The thickness of the CRL Quartz surface is 20mm x 30mm. It’s available as an extra-large slab, allowing greater flexibility in design and styles.


CRL Pura White quartz offers a the brightest white stone surface suitable for interior designs

 Choosing your Colours and Designs

When it comes to finalising on your design and style, you are indeed spoilt for choice. You can choose from the different ranges such as CRL Quartz Marble, Natural, Rock, and White Collections that have an array of colours and designs, to perfectly fit your interior design trends and style.

One of the colours that will make waves into the décor and design industries from this stone distributor is CRL Statuario Bianco which resembles the luxurious looks found on Statuario marble from Italy, on an off-white surface material that displays elegant grey veins across its surface.


CRL Statuario Bianco quartz worktops and splashbacks in a traditional kitchen

The latest collection, right in time for spring 2018, is the Renaissance Collection which has several new colours as well as five of the most popular shades of 2017 including the winning CRL Quartz White Water and the best-selling CRL Quartz Verona which provides a loyal marble look at affordable prices.

CRL Quartz UK is undoubtedly one of the best materials right now for kitchens and bathrooms. It offers the best of both the natural stone and technology worlds. It offers the elegance and beauty of natural materials such as granite, marble and limestone but without the burden of maintenance and inconsistencies.