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Which are the Five Worktop Colours initiated by Unistone this New Year?

Unistone develops a wide range of stunning quartz worktops, which are produced with patented Breton’s engineered stone technology. Unistone worktops are ringing in the New Year with a new range of natural-looking colours that boast different shades – from white and grey to black. Here are the new Unistone colours that you may expect to see in 2019:

  1. Unistone Concreto:

Unistone Concreto is designed to bring the appearance of concrete or cement to the home interiors. But unlike cement or concrete, this quartz is non-porous. Therefore, it prevents the surfaces from daily wearing. It will protect the surfaces from stains, cracks and chips without the need for any sealant or protective coating. Concreto is launched to meet increasing demand from architects and interior designers for products with natural look and feel. Besides strong demand for colours that offer the look of natural marble, properties are rejuvenated with concrete and cement materials. Unistone Concreto comes with a Velluto finish. It will provide any space with a velvety tactile feel yet display the texture and appearance of real concrete. You can also choose it from 20mm thick or 30mm thick slabs, depending on the type of design and the needs of your space. You can rest assured this is a material that looks great when used as kitchen islands with wrap around panels in the same material.

Unistone Concreto

  1. Unistone Nero Marquina:

Besides being durable, Unistone Nero Marquina boasts a sophisticated appearance with its elegant display of whitish veins on the black backdrop. This material is non-porous and highly resistant to heat. Inspired by the famous Negro Marquina marble from Spain. This quartz worktop makes a great choice for busy kitchens in need of a surface that’s resistant to stains, scratches and heat. Nero Marquina comes in slabs with dimensions of 3000x1400mm. You can use it for creating big panels such as table tops and wall splashbacks. In bathrooms, you can use it as a vanity top or wall surround. Since the product is anti-bacterial, it is perfect for any areas in contact with water.

Similarly, you can also choose Unistone Nero Marquina in 20mm or 30mm thick slabs. In addition to being easy to care for, you will find this a very versatile material too.

Unistone Nero Marquina

  1. Unistone Pietra Grey:

Unistone Pietra Grey is inspired by the stunning Piatra Grey marble from Iran. It boasts a dark grey background, along with veins forming in opaque white. This contrasting quartz is also non-porous to protect the surface from heat, stains, cracks and scratches. In addition, it does not need any protective coatings or sealants for protection. Pietra Grey marble has been a favourite amongst architects and interior designers for many years. Despite the intrinsic beauty, in its natural marble form, Pietra Gray is not ideal for areas such as kitchen. The strong minerals that compose its veins may come with natural fissures which are amazing and unique. Although if you are looking for stability and consistency for the kitchen surface you will be best with quartz stone. Not only that it is made under industrial conditions, but it is also a proven product for over 25 years of use across the globe.

Unistone Pietra Grey

  1. Unistone Bianco Eclipse:

The manufacturers have created Unistone Bianco Eclipse to interpret the well-known design of quartzite. It displays opaque white to grey background, which is patterned with elegant dark grey veins on its surface. It is the perfect quartz worktop for any residential or commercial property. This worktop can protect its surface from staining, cracks, and heat without the need of using sealants or protective coatings annually. IN contrast with the natural stone, Bianco Eclipse by Unistone has minimal variation from block to block. This allows you to work across different areas or rooms in the house using the correct amount of material.

Bianco Eclipse quartzite is an incredibly looking stone. It provides you with the look of marble but the strength of granite. In addition, you can choose it in unique patterns with veins and swirls that look truly stunning. These are some of the reasons for the rise of this quartzite in interior decoration over the last few years. Unistone Bianco Eclipse meets client demand at the right time, offering a surface with the look of the quartzite at an affordable price point. You can choose Unistone Bianco Eclipse in 20mm or 30mm slabs. With slab dimensions of 3000x1400mm and Jumbo slabs of 3300x1600mm you will find the perfect format for your project.

Unistone Bianco Eclipse

  1. Unistone Safari

Inspired by the appearance of white granite, Unistone Safari displays the explosion of spots in brown, dark grey and beige colours on a completely white backdrop. This quartz worktop looks like the natural granite worktops but with sublime perfection.

In addition to amazing appearance, Safari is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with any regular household cleaner. No special cleaning equipment or products are needed.

White worktops have always been one of the preferred colour choices for architects and interior designers as it can be mixed and matched with anything in the room.  If you didn’t know, the whiter a natural stone becomes, the more maintenance is required. Unistone has changed that perception with the creation of a colour that brings you the same look of granite with improved performance features.

Unistone Safari

This whitish coloured quartz is likely to be loved by people who like minimal yet chic interiors. It is subtle and not over-the-top in any way. Its unique pattern and stylish design evoke the gorgeousness of Bianco Ornamentale granite or Andromeda White granite from Italy. Just like other quartz worktops, this one doesn't need any sealant or protective coating for its surface. It is durable enough to prevent heat, cracks, chips, staining or wearing.