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Check the full collection of Honed Caesarstone Worktops at My Kitchen Worktop in London

At My Kitchen Worktop, we offer the finest collection of both polished and honed Caesarstone worktops. Do check out the entire collection to find the right honed quartz for your kitchen.

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is one of the significant pioneers of naturally-manufactured quartz worktops. My Kitchen Worktop has a stunning catalogue of Caesarstone, including kitchen flooring, kitchen worktops, bathroom flooring, vanity tops, etc.

Honed Caesarstone worktops have soft sheen with a less formal, natural aesthetic. Unlike highly polished surfaces, these have a matte look with organic appearance to retain authentic appeal while maintaining their less glossy finish.

The honed worktop surfaces are further ground to have a flat, smooth and consistent surface without any ridges or bumps. Many homeowners nowadays prefer matte-finished worktops with the reduced reflection of pendant lighting fixtures on their surfaces to evoke a more casual and relaxed vibe.

The appearance of honed Caesarstone

Caesarstone honed worktops have a subtle and minimalist appearance. These surfaces also hide smudges and fingerprints very well. It is because usually fingerprints and most marks or smudges are due to oily substances on the glossy countertops. Since the honed quartz worktops feature matte surface, there are no chances of visible fingerprints or marks to show on their less shiny surface.

Moreover, chips, scratches, seams and other imperfections are less noticeable on honed quartz surfaces. Therefore, some homeowners prefer this worktop material more compared to polished quartz.

  • Maintenance

Since the honed Caesarstone has a matte and unpolished surface, it is vulnerable to stains, scratches and imperfections compared to the polished quartz. Therefore, homeowners need to put in more efforts to clean its surface. For instance, they need to clean its surface immediately in case of any spillage. So, it is more suitable for those who can invest time in its maintenance.

  • Availability

Recently, the demand for honed Caesarstone worktops has seen a significant rise. It resulted in higher availability of this worktop surface in the market. Just because more and more people are demanding worktops with honed finishes, it’s likely for quartz worktop manufacturers and dealers to maintain the regular supply of this material to consumers.

Types of honed Caesarstone worktops for modern homes

Here are the most popular Caesarstone worktops that look amazing in the honed finish:

1) Caesarstone Rugged Concrete

This durable and sturdy quartz stone has the most genuine reinterpretation to the real concrete. This particular quartz design perfectly resembles the gravel and cemented look of the original concrete surface. The gorgeous Caesarstone Rugged Concrete boasts the detail, texture and flaws of the current building project. But this quartz has a nonporous surface to ensure you get the most amazing urban-chic appearance for creating an industrial and modern interior.

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete

2) Caesarstone Fresh Concrete

This quartz worktop by Caesarstone is the lighter version of famous Raw Concrete quartz. It is further adapted for new properties that need long-lasting and low-maintenance with timeless looks and neutral shades. If you want to add a contemporary and bright feel to your given space, this is a perfect shade for your kitchen interior.

caesarstone fresh concrete worktops

 3) Caesarstone Primordia

Seeking a sturdy material for boasting aesthetics of your building while offering excellent performance, this worktop surface is fantastic for stylish yet practical interior decoration. It features a subtle grey base with rusty spots and imperfect patina that goes a step beyond the final worktop material.

caesarstone primordia quartz table top

4) Caesarstone Empira White

This worktop has the most modern twist on the classic Calacatta Marble. It boasts a grey bold veining pattern on a white backdrop to bring an aesthetic charm to the given space. It is an ideal material for both traditional and modern interior spaces. Moreover, it can be mixed-matched with any other natural surface to add contrast to the interior.

caesarstone empira white worktops

5) Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

This worktop material boasts a solid grey veining pattern on the white base for creating a modern vibe in any given space. Besides the great looks, this honed Caesarstone will be perfect for everyday use. If you want to install a worktop with a marble-like appearance and minimal maintenance, you may opt for this option.

caesarstone statuario maximus worktops splashbacks

For homeowners who like the matte finish on countertops, honed Caesarstone is an excellent option. It’s not only durable and robust but also available in various colours that you can explore at My Kitchen Worktop’ Caesarstone collection.