An Exclusive Kitchen: How to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re thinking of selling your house soon or at some point in the future, a kitchen remodel is a fantastic way to add value to a house. Even if you are not planning on selling, but want to redo the kitchen and have a more exclusive space for you and your loved-ones, these tips will help you accomplish just that. 

Why is it a good idea to remodel the kitchen if you want to sell the house? Because these type of projects have a high Return on Investment (ROI) rate. Buyers love to see a brand new and exclusive kitchen, so if you are wondering how to add value to your home, this is the perfect way.

Let’s start with a few general tips that can suit any style and pocket. 

First, any interior designer will tell you that an exclusive kitchen needs to suit the house where it is located. This means that you cannot just build a brand new and minimalist kitchen in a traditional cottage house, or at least design tells us that you shouldn’t. At the end of the day, you are looking for ways to add value to your home, so it needs to feel part of the overall project

Second, you need to be practical. Part of “how to add value to your home” is making it easier to live in, and a kitchen is made to be used, so try to come up with a functional layout. If you have been living in your house for some time, try to fix the main inconveniences that you face in your everyday use of the kitchen. 

To end with, and this is a tip especially important for sellers, try to avoid statement colours or design choices. Neutral colours are elegant and please all, whereas a bright red countertop may scare some potential buyers.

How to Add Value to Your Home: Steps

Create a Multifunctional Space
How to add value to your home. An open-concept kitchen with dark furniture.

If you like design and try to keep up with the latest trends, you have probably realized that open-concept layouts are very much in trend, and have been for quite some time. There is a reason for this. After the covid era, many of us are spending more time at home, and have started cooking more. An open-concept kitchen allows you to cook and spend time with the rest of the family, as well as to entertain your guests and prepare the drinks at the same time. 

Likewise, when you have an open kitchen, you can add a separate dine-in area to the space, and thus enhance that multifunctionality even more.

Buy High-Quality & Eco-Friendly Appliances
How to add value to your home. A kitchen full of grey modern appliances.

When one is looking for a new house, it certainly doesn’t hurt to see some high-end appliances and top-end brands in the kitchen. If you don’t know how to add value to your home, this is a very easy way of doing it: spend some money on a double sink, a high-end oven or a side-by-side refrigerator

What’s more, try to buy appliances that are not only good and durable, but also energy-efficient. Eco-friendly products are very trendy at the moment, and there is an additional advantage: they use less energy. LED lights are also an excellent idea in this sense.

Choose a Stone Worktop
How to add value to your home. A grey kitchen worktop with a grey stone wall and a white kettle.

Nothing says luxury and durability like a stone worktop. Whether you prefer a more classical option like marble or granite, or you are more for a man-made material like quartz, this piece will certainly add value to your home and draw people’s attention.

Lots of interior designers are recommending quartz these days, mainly for practical reasons. This surface requires low maintenance, and it is durable and highly resistant. This, together with the fact that its colours and patterns go well with many other materials, makes it a very popular choice. If you are not sure of how to add value to your home, this is an excellent option. Here you have the most popular CRL quartz colours in 2020 to inspire you. 

Add some Floating Shelves
How to add value to your home. A stone wall with two floating shelves and a cactus.

As we have repeatedly stated, the most important feature of a kitchen, even if it is an exclusive one, is functionality. This is why you need to make the most out of the space you have, whatever its size. So our recommendation is to flee from big cabinets and endless rows of drawers and incorporate a touch of style and spaciousness with some floating shelves.

Go Vintage
How to add value to your home. An old style cooking pot with some plants on the side.

When one wants to add value to a home, nothing beats a trendy kitchen. And, right now, there is nothing more trendy than retro pieces combined with contemporary furniture. Vintage decoration is the trendiest of trends at the moment, and it allows you to add some personality and unique pieces to the space.

To end with, the bottom line of these tips: choose quality over price and design over personal taste. If you don’t know how to add value to your home to sell it and obtain a good ROI for the price of the renovation, follow our indications and browse My Kitchen Worktop’s catalogue for more ideas and inspiration.