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CRL Quartz colours 2020

A new decade has started with the advancement in various interior design trends. But one interior design trend that remains the favourite of many end-users is the CRK Quartz. This engineered stone emulates the luxurious appeal of marble, as well as other natural materials.

Due to its high demand, the manufacturers have come up with the exclusive CRL Quartz surface collection with visually-appealing designs to make it easier to add some dimension to any kitchen and bathroom interior.

Boasting the timeless elegance, CRL quartz worktops add exquisiteness throughout the interior while offering unique visual interest to the given space. While playing with dark tones and interesting industrial styling, each new colour from the new collection of CRL quartz worktops is likely to bring a modern edge to any dull space.

So, be it a traditional or contemporary setting, the interiors are going to reflect the purity of nature into the living space while adding a hint of personality and glamour to the final design theme. From chic River white to classic Calcatta that mimics the look of natural marble, every colour from the CRL Quartz range is versatile and incredibly durable.

Reasons to Pick CRL Quartz Worktops

  • CRL quartz London are known to be extremely versatile, hard-wearing and outstanding worktop materials and hence, ideal for high-traffic areas at home or workspace. Besides being used to make countertops for bathrooms and kitchens, it’s also useful in the construction of walls and flooring.
  • The customers can create bespoke pieces using CRL Quartz due to its different thicknesses – 20mm and 30mm. This means one can create original interior designs in both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Unlike natural stones, such as marble, granite or limestone, CRL quartz worktops don’t need sealing. These surfaces can easily be cleaned using a clean cloth and warm soapy water. Even regular household cleaners can be used for cleaning its surface without any hassle.
  • The high-performance and superior technical abilities of CRL quartz make it one of the ideal construction products that can be used to create new, as well as renovation projects.
  • All the CRL quartz surfaces are available with the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. Hence, they offer peace of mind to clients who invest in these high-quality products.

crl quartz london

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the latest CRK Quartz Colours 2020 to spruce up any modern interior:

1. CRL River White Quartz: This surface material is the reinterpretation of the famous River White granite found in India. Boasting creamy white backdrop with spots and grains scattered randomly over the surface, CRL River White quartz offers a timeless elegance of granite to urban spaces while offering a practical solution to the busy lifestyle of most homeowners today. It is made from approx. 90% natural quartz crystals and 5% polymer resins and other raw materials. This results in the production of extremely versatile design that offers endless design possibilities.

crl river white quartz worktops

2. CRL Colorado Quartz: The CRK Colorado Quartz is a subtle white stone with a gorgeous black veining pattern, along with grey lines. This quartz surface is designed to evoke the beauty of natural granite while portraying the serenity of the countryside and natural landscapes into various interior applications, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and more.

crl colorado quartz surfaces

3. CRL Verona Quartz: This stunning CRL quartz surface evokes the natural appearance of white marble, Carrara, into busy urban homes. However, it comes with high-performance characteristics of quartz to ensure the product is durable and long-lasting. CRL Verona quartz boasts a stunning white backdrop with elegant grey veining in random designs to extend the design possibilities in interiors – be it modern or traditional designs.

crl verona quartz kitchen worktops

4. CRL Soft Concrete Quartz: It is a greyish quartz stone with a refined sheen to provide the natural feel of concrete to modern homes. It is a great tone for adding modern flair to any traditional or industrial interior without compromising with its performance and technical abilities. CRL Soft Concrete displays an array of fine grains in black, grey and white colours to offer an authentic feel and natural stone-like appearance to high-traffic areas.

CRL Soft Concrete quartz surfaces

5. CRL Calacatta Quartz: As the name indicates, this CRL Quartz surface is engineered to display the purity of natural Italian marble. It boasts thick grey veining patterns all over its surface. It’s a great option for homeowners who are looking for beautiful features of marble with a white backdrop and a dramatic accent of the veining pattern. However, unlike marble, CRL Calacatta is highly resistant to stains, scratches, etching and cracking, as well as requires minimal maintenance.

crl calacatta quartz worktops