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Natural Marble Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring


Most buildings that have tested the passage of time are made of natural marble. This type of stone is a metamorphic rock that is a common choice when it comes to marble flooring in the UK. This means that through a natural process, the original minerals become crystallized. It results in the unique sheen with infinite different patterns, all of which are reminiscent of the minerals in the original marble rocks.

Apart from flooring, this material is also widely used to make marble kitchen worktops in the UK. Marble worktops make for the best kitchen worktops due to the ease of maintenance. They also provide incredible looks to any kitchen. Why settle for anything else when you can have real marble worktops in your kitchen?

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Benefits of Marble Worktops

Marble worktops come with a lot of benefits. Similarly, its many features help in both residential projects and commercial spaces. Once installed, the kitchen will be your favourite place in the world. In fact, it is not only a matter of looks, as the kitchen is one of the spaces that everyone spends most time in. Also, the kitchen has now become a place where you often socialize with friends and family.

In terms of practicality, you only need a clean cloth and a chemical free cleaner. This will maintain the marble worktops of your kitchen. Durability is another benefit of using natural worktops. This makes it an ideal choice among architects, interior designers and homeowners. Marble is known for its versatility, and it is therefore a highly acclaimed stone. Other benefits of this stone include high resistance to fissures, heat, cold temperatures and staining.

Another important fact is that natural marble has also been used in many historical buildings and monuments. Certainly, these are testimony of its durability. They also provide more than enough credibility to this stone. We offer the best marble kitchen floors in the UK, along with various patterns and designs of marble worktops.

Where Can I Find the Best Marble Kitchen Worktops in the UK?

Make your kitchen shine and your bathroom glow thanks to My Kitchen Worktop, the best marble suppliers in the UK. This will also make onlookers wonder where you found it. Be it your home or your office, there is no other substitute as versatile as natural marble worktops. The stone is extensively used in the UK, and My Kitchen Worktop is a name trusted by both professionals and enthusiasts from the South of England as far as marble worktops in the UK go.

If you are looking for cheap marble worktops in the UK, you should choose our selection of marble worktops. As with any high-value or one-off purchase, we recommended purchasing your worktops from renowned marble suppliers in the UK. In the same manner, proven track record ensures you receive a great service and quick installations, minimizing errors and costs.

Contact us to know more about marble kitchen worktops in the UK. Feel free to browse through thousands of different materials on our website. Let us help you in doing the rest!

Aside from our best range of marble worktops, you'll find a stunning range of granite worktops, silestone worktops and so much more in what we think is the best for your kitchen worktops, flooring solution, etc. anywhere online!

Why Does Marble Discolour over Time?

Over time, even highly polished marble becomes worn and scratched. When marble's polish wears off on marble worktops, the rough surface can easily attract more dirt. Moreover, improper use of cleaners leads to the accumulation of dirt into pores of natural worktops, causing the marble to turn yellow or discoloured over time.

Cure: If you notice any discolouration on your marble worktops due to improper cleaning and maintenance, you need to clean its surface using alkaline marble cleaner. It is best to use a natural marble cleaner. However, the cleaner must not be acidic; otherwise, it could dull the polish.


For cleaning real marble worktops, apply marble cleaner on to the surface and scrub using a soft sponge or cloth. After cleaning, rinse off the surface thoroughly with warm water. It might be necessary to repeat this procedure many times for removing all the embedded dirt.

In case you still notice dust on the surface of your marble worktop cover, it's best to get it re-polished professionally, followed by the application of premium quality sealer. Take a look at this post in case you have any questions concerning the difference between polished and honed marble.

How Can I Stop my Marble Worktops from Fading?

Marble worktops are a significant investment, but they may fade over time. If you want your marble surface to keep looking elegant and beautiful for many years, you can check with your fabricator to see if your worktop can be treated with resins. However, it is always a good idea to take some precautions for minimizing the exposure time of real marble worktops to direct sunlight.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you may consider covering your natural worktops when they are not being used. These are also some specifically designed products that act as sunscreen block for outdoor countertops to protect them from harsh UV rays.

What Happens if my Natural Worktops Are Already Damaged?

If your marble worktops are already damaged or faded by sunlight, the good news is that they can be repaired easily. A natural stone that does not contain resins can be easily honed, as well as re-polished by a proper restoration company, so your marble worktop cover is left good as new. If the worktop contains resins, certain chemical dyes can be applied on the marble surface to maintain the stone's natural colour.

What is the effect of Sunlight, Water, Heat and Time on Marble Worktops?

Here's how different factors impact marble worktops:

  • Sunlight. UV rays of the sun can ‘tan’ the colour of natural worktops with organic components. For example, a black marble worktop is likely to alter by fading of its colour. However, lighter shades, such as white marble kitchen countertops, may turn yellowish or darker in direct sunlight.
  • Water. Marble is porous, therefore acidic substances or stain-causing liquids can easily penetrate marble worktops, causing staining. Wine, lemon juice, orange, fruits and some other acidic substances are likely to etch the marble surface. Some chemicals present in a cleaning agent can also damage marble. For this reason, it's best to use cleaners that are designed specially to clean marble. Take a look at this post if you still have questions regarding how to keep your worktop free from stains and watermarks.
  • Heat. Marble is quite resistant to heat. However, it is recommended NOT to put hot pans, pots or other utensils directly on the surface of marble worktops; otherwise, it may cause cracking due to sudden temperature change in the marble worktop cover. This occurrence is known as ‘thermal shock’.
  • Time. Marble is likely to darken or fade over time. You need to take care of marble worktops properly to make it last for many years.

How to Hide Cracks and Scratches on a Marble Surface?

On marble worktops, even some of the best sealers are not scratch and stain-proof. To repair scratches on the surface of your marble kitchen worktops, you need to resurface the stone or use a colour enhancer or sealer. The resurfacing is a costly option to repair scratches in natural stone. Therefore, you may consider improving the marble work surface by using sealer and colour enhancer first. You may ask your fabricator for the best sealer and colour enhancer brand to restore the appearance of natural worktops.

Cracks on marble worktops are repairable using epoxy, intended to fix natural imperfections found on a stone. A professional marble technician will mix the epoxy carefully, to match the colour of the existing surface and aim to make it look like another vein in the marble. Since epoxy is a runny substance, you will need a professional fabricator to carefully pour epoxy over the damaged marble surface and let it sit for some time. Later, the residue of epoxy is scraped off using a razor blade or the area is resurfaced, depending on the marble worktop’s finish.

What is the Average Life of Marble Worktops?

Marble has been a popular material for many years to build historical sculptures and buildings. Marble kitchen worktops are also popular in the UK, and we can see why. Despite being a softer material compared to quartz worktops or granite countertops, marble can naturally resist heat and offer incredible versatility, lasting a lifetime.

Although marble is not the right choice for high-traffic areas, a marble worktop cover is a durable material that can last up to many years or a lifetime, depending on how you take care of it.

Marble is more porous compared to granite worktops. Hence, it can easily stain and etch. If you leave your marble surface exposed to unfavourable conditions for a longer time, it may even lead to breakage. Marble worktops are also more prone to scratching and etching. Therefore, you need to be careful and not cut anything on your real marble worktop without a cutting board or when setting down heavy items on it. One of the main advantages of natural worktops is that if it becomes dull, it can be re-polished to restore its original look. If placed on low-traffic areas, marble is likely to last a lifetime.

Which are the Most Significant Selling Colours of Marble Kitchen Worktops in the UK?

Here are the top five colours for marble kitchen sides:


What Are the Parameters to Select the Best Marble Stone for Flooring?

Marble is a gorgeous and robust flooring material. Unlike some flooring types, marble does not need replacement and adds unique features to your living space. That's why you must pick the right marble kitchen floor that could easily compliment your home decor for years to come.


First, you need to determine your exact requirements (do I want a kitchen with a white marble floor? Or is it better to choose a darker shade?). Then, you need to contact your nearest marble suppliers in the UK to seek samples to match your home interior. You may even bring home some examples to check how they would look once installed in your current decor.

Another aspect to consider while purchasing is investing in premium quality marble that stands the test of time. My Kitchen Worktop are trust reputed, licensed and experienced marble suppliers in the UK, who can ensure peace of mind, as they do the installation as per the highest possible standard. Also, make sure that the finishing is perfect on your marble worktop’s surface; after all, you're investing in luxurious surface material.

How to Test/Check the Quality of Marble?

You may test the quality of marble in the three following ways

  • Check the back of marble by flipping it over. If the end of a marble tile is covered in net or mesh, it may be fragile compared to others. The mesh is a fibreglass resin for reinforcing some of the weakest marble types against breaking or cracking. It also proves that this marble tile is not suitable for high traffic areas, such as marble kitchen worktops, as it may etch, scratch or crack easily.
  • Examine the marble's surface under light by holding it at a 45-degree angle. If you observe small, dull patches on the surface, there may be fissures or holes in the marble surface. Marble worktops with deep cracks must be avoided, as it could damage easily.
  • Splash some water on unpolished marble worktops. By doing so, even the unpolished marble would look like a polished one, if it's of good quality.

Can Granite Sealer be Used on Marble Worktops?

You simply cannot neglect the maintenance needs of marble worktops – whether it’s installed in your new home or inherited from a previous homeowner. You need sealant when you install marble kitchen worktops or bathroom countertops. You can use Granite Gold Sealer for both marble and granite worktops in your house.

Without the use of proper sealant, you may face difficulty in removing stains from the marble surface. You also need to keep checking the marble worktop cover for resealing from time-to-time. You can either perform a water test or mineral oil test to find out whether it’s time to reseal or not.

If your marble worktops need resealing, you need to spray the Granite Gold Sealer right on the marble surface and wipe it off to ensure any penetration into the pores. Spray the sealant in three-foot sections and work on it before it dries out. Use a lint-free cloth for buffing and cleaning the extra sealant, as you don’t want a thin film forming on your marble worktops. After everything is done right, your marble kitchen will be new and ready to withstand stains again.

Can Marble be Sealed to Prevent Staining?

Yes, you can seal marble worktops to prevent staining. But there are certain things to consider before getting your marble kitchen countertops sealed. To your surprise, marble surface doesn’t stain as often as it's mentioned over the internet. High-quality marble slabs are likely to be stain resistant to some extent.

You need to perform a sealer test for determining if your marble worktops need sealing. The next step is to test by putting a few drops of mineral oil on the marble surface and wait for ten minutes to wipe off the mineral oil. If you notice dark stains on wiping off the oil, it means that you need to seal/reseal the marble kitchen countertops.

When it comes to choosing a sealing agent, you have to be careful of the harsh chemicals and make sure that it also doesn’t contain any toxic substances that might be harmful to the environment. Just being a little careful with the sealing process of your natural worktops, you could enhance the appearance of marble worktops and make them last for several years.

Are Marble Worktops Good in the Bathroom?

Yes, marble is a good countertop material for bathrooms. However, you need to clean it properly to maintain its natural appearance and lustre. If you can spend the required time on its proper cleaning and maintenance, it’s not a big deal to install, for example, black and white marble countertops in your bathroom. 

However, if you remain careless and neglect your marble worktops, you are going to observe issues. Being a very absorbent natural stone, a marble surface stains, but not as bad as you have read about. Polished marble is quite stain-proof.

Another issue with is etching while cleaning the marble worktops or flooring. So, it is recommended to use only mild cleaning agents and a soft cloth for wiping off water or liquid objects from the surface. Never use any abrasive cleaning agents or scrubs to rub its surface.

Unlike marble kitchen worktops, bathroom marble worktops are not exposed to acids or abused that often. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to take care of these natural worktops.

Is Marble Suitable for Kitchen Worktops?

Marble is a wonderful material for kitchens, provided you give it necessary time and care. Natural worktops have an inherent timelessness, natural elegance and luxurious appeal. It adds exquisiteness and dressiness to your new kitchen. Furthermore, it’s one of the less expensive worktop stones compared to quartz and granite.

Homeowners adore the natural variability and colour variations of marble worktops, which comes in varying shades. So, what’s the problem?

Well, marble is quite softer and porous compared to nearly indestructible granite. So, it can easily etch and stain than granite stone. Real marble worktops also require sealing after six months to maintain its lustre and ability to withstand staining. Regular maintenance also helps in keeping the marble surface lustrous and eye-catching for years to come. Provided you give it necessary care and attention, marble worktops are likely to add authentic aesthetics to your kitchen.