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How to Design a Beautiful L- Shaped Kitchen

As people are adoring the loft-style flat or apartment living, open-plan L-shaped kitchen designs are increasing in popularity too. These kitchen designs are stylish, modern and functional, as well as providing extra room in any interior.

For anyone who wants to maximise the worktop space in their kitchen without having to give up on an open-plan layout, an L-shaped kitchen may be the perfect option. It has a layout consisting of worktops attached to the two adjoining walls, meeting at one corner and forming the shape of an “L.” It is a famous kitchen setup, as it doesn’t compromise with too much of the worktops which are a key element when it comes to functionality of the room.

If you are planning to create an L-shaped kitchen, here are some useful tips you could consider:

1. Create an entertaining space

An L-shaped kitchen needs only one wall or two for creating more of a social or entertaining space. You can choose any neutral shade or black granite kitchen worktops for adding style while allowing even the multiple cooks to mingle easily when hosting a family meal or dinner party.

Also, try to incorporate chairs or tables on another side of the room for seating. This prevents the kitchen from becoming too crowded when more people are in your house.

black granite kitchen worktops

2. Incorporate a kitchen island

If the space in an apartment allows, try to incorporate a kitchen island to create a focal point in a room. It is a good alternative to the traditional chairs and table set up. Instead, put up bar stools around the island and save more space.

You can even place it against one wall to give it the appearance of the space-saving L-kitchen design if the area doesn’t allow for an all-open kitchen island space.

L-kitchen design

3. More storage

Besides being stylish, the L-shaped kitchen must be functional as well. Try to incorporate more storage cabinets when space is limited around the house. Similarly, you should try to make the cabinetry all the way from floor to ceiling, next to the wall when the L-shaped kitchen is designed.

For maximising the space with height, try to incorporate adequate ceiling lights elsewhere. You can also consider installing downlights under the cabinets to avoid any dark spots.

L-shaped kitchen

Meanwhile, you also must consider the work triangle. This means the three main kitchen elements that include a fridge, oven, and sink. All three must be positioned at a comfortable distance to let you reach them easily whenever you want.

4. The illusion of more space

The L-shaped design creates an illusion of a bigger room while making it easier to move around. Stick to a light colour pallet – for example, choose a white granite worktop – to let the daylight spread more. Additionally, you should ensure that no furnishing is blocking the natural light from entering through the doors or windows. Keep large plants or furniture items away from the windows or doors. 

white granite worktop

Try to keep the clutter on the worktop area minimum and store more items in the cabinets to allow the space to look more spacious and tidier at the same time.