How To Maintain Naturamia Granite In Your Kitchen

Naturamia showcases excellence and elegance in the bathroom and kitchen interiors. With granite worktops, this beautiful and durable stone captures the spotlight in any interior. The available warranty on this collection of granite will ensure your investment is protected.

Naturamia Granite creates a sophisticated environment with the latest interior design and decoration. Each of these slabs is unique, exclusive and authentic, and has also been carefully treated with the latest technology. As an outcome, this material is one of the most resistant natural stones available in the market.

Pre-Treated Naturamia Granite

With bacteriostatic treatment, these granite kitchen worktops of London prevent bacterial growth. It further receives an exclusive treatment to avoid stains and offer 10-years of certified warranty on all the products.

The Naturamia Collection has passed various quality-control tests and thus, offers a warranty from the date of installation. The pre-treated natural stone is resistant to fire, heat, scratches, stains and bacterial growth.

Natural Granite

Natural Granite Finishes

Some types of granite finishes are:

  • Polished: It boasts a mirror effect with shiny treatment. Granite polish finish is the most popular type as it makes its surfaces highly resistant to staining.
  • Vintage: It boasts natural hues with a soft texture and pleasant touch.
  • Leather: Like Vintage, this finish displays a slightly textured matt surface with a leathery feel which inspires its name.
  • Bush-Hammered: This finish is created by hitting the material with a bush hammer which is a masonry tool. It results in a surface that displays craters -like forms over the surface of the granite.
  • Mirage Finish: This is a brand name of a finish of Sensa Granite stones by Cosentino. The Mirage finish provides the best of two worlds by blending polished and honed finishes, resulting in a satin-like finish granite worktop material.
  • Flamed Finish: The stone is heated under extremely high temperatures. This results for the grains in the granite to change colour and burst, providing a rigged textured surface. This finish is popular in outdoor applications since it also alters the overall appearance of the stone.

Naturamia granite slabs can be selected in 20- and 30-mm thicknesses. These are also available in different sheet sizes, to be installed in different kitchen or bathroom settings.

Heat Prevention

Absolute Black granite

  • Natural granite, such as Absolute Black granite, can tolerate heat for a long period. However, prolonged exposure to heat can result in discolouring. Therefore, never expose this stone to excessive heat.
  • Heat can lead to rapid worktop expansion in a localised area while the rest of the area remains cold. Due to this thermal expansion caused by hot and cold spots, the surface gets damaged after sudden temperature change or thermal shock.
  • The cracking due to heat changes may not crack in such a situation. But it can develop over time if proper care is not taken.

Care And Maintenance

  • When new granite worktops are installed, a coat of sealant is required to prevent the surface from scratches and stains. In fact, this is a second coating of sealant, since reputable London worktop suppliers seal the slabs for the first time before fabrication takes place. Once sealants are applied, you must let these dry for approximately 6 hours prior to starting to use the work surfaces.
  • After sealing, the surfaces must be protected against acidic products, such as wine, coffee, ketchup, etc, as these items may leave a mark or stain on the surface if left for a long period. Natural granite is extremely low in porosity and it is rare to for it to get stained. However, it is best to wipe off the stains from the surfaces immediately after spillage.
  • Even dark coloured foods like saffron, curry, beetroot, etc. can lead to staining. If dropped, clean these items immediately so that they don’t leave any stain.
  • Also, don’t allow detergents or salt to build up over the worktop surfaces, as they may also lead to stains.
  • Don’t use any chlorine-based products, disinfectants, alkalis, etc. for cleaning worktops.
  • Don’t use abrasive or metal scrubbing pads or cloths on its worktop surface.
  • Always use a mild detergent and soft cloth or sponge for worktop surface cleaning.