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How to Spurs up Your Kitchen Countertop

Being the focal point of the kitchen, the worktop needs to balance form and function while being spacious. These décor tips will surely elevate your kitchen countertop to a whole new level and make your kitchen even more inviting.

Occupying a sizeable portion of the kitchen, the kitchen countertop can be one of the most difficult areas of the kitchen to design. With all the work that takes place on it, the worktop needs to be spacious whilst not end up looking dull and lifeless in the process. Here are some décor tips from design experts to help you style your Dekton worktops with ease.

Put Cake Plates to good use

One of the best ways to style marble kitchen worktops is to incorporate a cake plate in the central design. Cake stands or plates draw visual appeal to a kitchen countertop and can be great for displaying plates, fruits or commonly used ingredients. These stands match any kitchen and add visual drama to space.

White Carrara Marble
White Carrara Marble worktops

Create groupings for similar kitchen essentials

Creating groupings for different and yet similar kitchen essentials is another great décor idea for quartzite worktops. You can use canisters, trays or even baskets to group essentials like pepper, salt, vinegar, spices, etc. You can also choose to group items like certain utensils, which are not used frequently in the kitchen but can remain on the countertop without cluttering the space. Quartzite stones come mainly from Brazil and some other tropical countries and are sure to elevate the status of any room. In addition, since this natural stone is volcanic, you can avail it in huge slabs covering areas of up to 6.5 square metres.

Macaubas White Quartzite
Macaubas White Quartzite worktops in a traditional kitchen

Bring nature indoors

As the kitchen deals with food preparation, it is but natural for one to consider introducing some greenery to the cooking space. Placing some potted plants or flowers atop Neolith worktops can bring the countertop to life instantly. You can use glass jars or canisters to display bright flowers, which will add more vibrancy to any kitchen with ease.

Display more than just ingredients on the worktop surface

Why relegate Silestone worktops to displaying food items, ingredients and utensils, when you can use them to display much more? Adding some cookbooks to the kitchen is a great idea to blend the kitchen décor with the rest of the home. You can also display a visually appealing art piece on the kitchen backsplash to elevate the look of the worktop.

Silestone Eternal Noir
Silestone Eternal Noir Worktops

Don’t mess around with soaps and detergents

The area around the sink in most kitchens tends to be an eyesore due to the cleaning ingredients kept around it. If you are one of those individuals who prefer to keep the soaps, detergents and sponges on the kitchen countertop or the windowsill above the sink, here’s an idea for you. Instead of placing soaps and sponges directly on Caesarstone worktops, consider placing them inside a container. In addition to de-cluttering the area, this will elevate the look of your kitchen easily.

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete Quartz
Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete Quartz worktops

Decorate with aromatic candles

In addition to becoming messy after a big party, the kitchen can carry the smell of the same for a long time after the gathering. One of the best ways to remove this smell is to use aromatic candles. You can place these candles in strategic areas along the length of the Compac quartz worktops and light them up to remove unwanted food smells.

Compac unique Venatino
Compac unique Venatino kitchen worktops

If you have a dining table or island in the kitchen, these candles will set the ambience for family meals as well. Ensure to use citrus or vanilla scented candles for better results.