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How Wide The Carrara Quartz Worktop Material Range Gets in The UK

Carrara quartz is a wonderful man-made alternative to the natural Carrara marble, which is quarried in Italy. This high-end quartz surface not only mimics natural marble but also is free from all the problems associated with the calciferous stone. Unlike marble, a quartz countertop boasts a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb moisture. This makes it highly resistant to stains and etching. In addition, a Carrara quartz worktop is made with resins that provide flexibility, resulting in a surface that is highly resistant to cracks and chipping.

Manufacturers of Carrara quartz boast that it never needs sealants or additional coatings. Its lack of porosity also makes it hygienic since no bacteria can penetrate the surface of Carrara quartz worktops whilst being as durable as natural granite. This makes it a better kitchen worktop material when compared to most natural stones. Just like marble, Carrara quartz boasts a veining pattern on its white surface. It adds signature marble-like effect to any residential or commercial space. The viewers won’t be able to recognize that it’s quartz, not natural marble.

What makes Carrara quartz countertops even more popular amongst architects and designers is the fact that it often comes in new models and colour options. Here are some of the most popular Carrara Quartz designs to consider for your contemporary kitchen:

Carra Quartz

1) COMPAC CARRARA: Compac Carrara quartz comes straight out of the Compac’s Nature range. In fact, Compac quartz was one of the first major manufacturer of composite worktops to make successfully a realistic alternative to the natural Bianco Carrara marble. Even though there has been continuous launched of many other Carrara quartz variants by the different makers and brands, Compac Carrara has managed to maintain its status amongst the best marble-effect quart by keeping to very subtle veining and earthy feel throughout the slab. It takes its cue from the pleasant and tranquil worktop surface, Carrara marble. It’s a smooth finished material with greyish veins that enable homeowners to create either a traditional or modern design in their house. Besides its magnificent looks and practical features, this non-porous stone brings amazing advantages to your urban home remodelling project.


2) SILESTONE LAGOON: Silestone Lagoon is made by Cosentino, the largest manufacturer of engineered materials in the world. Silestone Lagoon comes with all the benefits of this huge brand by including bacteriostatic protection and N-Boost finish, which results in a surface that is totally liquid-repellent. In addition, this model is offers options in polished and Suede finishes. Silestone Lagoon Suede provides a leathery matt finish which is ideal for traditional designs and to contrast colourful objects. Whether you have a large or small space, you can find suitable size for making a Silestone Lagoon worktop. Slabs are available in sizes of 3040x1380mm and 3250x1590mm. Also, there are thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm ensuring the stone can be used on any area of the house or office.


3) SILESTONE LYRA: As with many other new materials, the makers of Silestone Lyra Quartz created this delightful surface for those who prefer more defined veins. Offering a slightly darker greyish vein, the quartz contrasts on a pure white background. If you wanted to White Carrara look but don’t have the time to maintain natural marble, Silestone Lyra is another great option. Not only that it is non-porous and highly resistant to heat but it also sustains knocks and accidental impact. As with Silestone Lagoon, Lyra is available in a myriad of slab sizes, thicknesses and finishes ensuring it remains a highly versatile option for any project.

4) CAESARSTONE MISTY CARRERA: Caesarstone 4141 Misty Carrera was the first marble-effect quartz stone to be introduced in the market almost three decades ago. Featuring an opaque white backdrop and faint greyish veins, Misty Carrera was the first composite worktop to look like marble. To this day, this model remains a favourite amongst architects and interior designers due to its incredible performance and practicality. Caesarstone Misty Carrera comes in slabs with dimensions 3050x1400mm and thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm as standard. There is also a 13mm thick slab which can be ordered for special projects for panelling and wall claddings. Caesarstone at the very top of the game of the industry by making outstanding-looking products of very high-quality. Caesarstone Misty Carrera belongs to the Classico Collection and is Price Group 1, which translates in real value provided by an affordable alternative to the Bianco Carrara Marble.


5) QUARELLA CARRARA IMPERIALE: Quarella Carrara Imperiale is an elegant quartz stone that boasts grey veins throughout its white backdrop. It provides organic and natural appearance to any kitchen where it’s installed. It is the reinterpretation of the renowned Bianco Carrara marble, which is quarried in Italy. This material is the part of the Living Collection of distinct quartz products. Carrara Imperiale quartz by Quarella is available in slabs with dimensions 3070x1410mm avoiding the need of most joints. Thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm allow you to used quartz both vertical and horizontal applications.

Quarella Carrara Imperiale

6) CAESARSTONE WHITE ATTICA: Caesarstone is a Company that never stops to come up with original patterns and new designs. Caesarstone White Attica was created back in 2017 with aims of satisfying the need for an optional Carrara-like worktop product with distinctive grey veining contrasting its brilliant white background. As with all other models from this brand, White Attica comes with an available manufacturers’ warranty that can be obtain by registering your installation Caesarstone’s website.


7) CRL VERONA QUARTZ: CRL Verona quartz belongs to CRL Stone, a division of industrial manufacturer CRL Laurence. Verona features white background and delicate greyish veins. In addition to high resistance to stains and scratches, this stone is easy to care for. Since it is made with over 94% pure quartz crystals, it offers radiance to any space in which it is applied. The manufacturers of CRL Verona also use other raw minerals and resins to make the surface flexible and resistant to high temperatures. Available in a size of 3200x1600mm, this surface is ideal for large spaces or to complete most Galley designs with a single sheet of material.

CRL Verona quartz

8) UNISTONE CARRARA MISTERIO: For adding a graceful touch of subtle grey marble-like veining to your home, you require Unistone Carrara Misterio quartz stone. The grey veins on pure white surface remind us of the popular Bianco Carrara marble. However, this engineered stone is a blend of 93% pure crystalline quartz, resins and coloured pigments. Carrara Misterio is available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. You can choose from slab sizes of 3000x1400mm which is perfect for smaller kitchen worktops or Unistone Carrara Misterio Jumbo slabs with dimensions 3300x1650mm. In addition, there is the popular polished finish and Unistone Carrara Misterio Velluto finish which is a matt surface with a brushed sheen.

Unistone Carrara Misterio

9) TECHNISTONE NOBLE CARRARA: Technistone Noble Carrara is also designed to add marble’s white background with grey veining to any kitchen space. Just like Carrara marble, this countertop stone is strong, durable and beautiful. It also provides superior performance, but its non-porous surface is not dependent on sealing for resistance against staining, scratches or chipping. Noble Carrara quartz offers a sublime shade of white that is guaranteed to bring more light into dark spaces. Technistone Noble Carrara is available is sizes of 3050 x 1425mm and a jumbo slab with dimensions 3185 x 1550mm that works perfectly well in large kitchen islands.

Technistone Noble Carrara

10) CIMSTONE BIANCO CARRARA: The luxurious charm of age-old White Carrara marble is brought to your living space by the Cimstone Bianco Carrara qua This engineered quartz material is also a technical blend of advanced characteristics needed for easy living. For daily maintenance, you need no more than soapy warm water and a kitchen cloth. In addition, it doesn’t require sealants or coatings which means no other related costs down the line. Cimstone Bianco Carrara quartz also displays grey veins on a white background giving the classic look of marble to modern and traditional spaces alike. The material is polished-finished and available in sizes of 3100x1600mm and thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm making it suitable for kitchen splashbacks, upstands and cladding as well as worktops.

Cimstone Bianco Carrara

11) QUARELLA CARRARA NAVONA: Quarella Carrara Navona quartz is another engineered stone created by a leading Italian manufacturer of composite worktops that have been on the market for over 40 years. However, it is named Quarella Carrara Navona because of the region where it’s manufactured. It also comes with a white background and grey veining all over its surface. This gives natural look to any kitchen countertop – be it designed to match a traditional or modern kitchen. Navona comes in slabs with dimensions 3070x1410mm and thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm.

Quarella Carrara Navona

12) UNISTONE BIANCO CARRARA: Boasting an opaque white backdrop, Unistone Bianco Carrara quartz stone is made from 93% pure natural quartz and 7% resin and colour pigments that make it highly resistant to staining and scratches. The unique thing about this design depicts the natural artistry on its marble-like surface. Meanwhile, it offers uniformity in colour options, as well as lasting performance. This composite worktop material will bring a sense of luxury and comfort into any architectural design. It is available in standard sheet dimensions of 3000x1400mm and a Jumbo sheet with sizes 3300x1650mm. In addition, you can choose this stone in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. When it comes to finishes, Bianco Carrara by Unistone is available in polished and Velluto.

Unistone Bianco Carrara

13) OKITE BIANCO CARRARA: Okite Bianco Carrara is an engineered stone that features faint grey veining on pure white background. The scattered veins all over its surface add a sense of elegance and natural charm to its personality. Despite being similar in appearance to Italian Carrara marble, this stone material is free from all the hassle associated with the natural stone. Okite Carrara is a perfect artificial stone for people looking for a cost-effective alternative to the authentic Carrara marble. We all know how expensive natural marble is. But not everyone could afford it. Therefore, quartz manufacturers have come up with the best solution to recreate a stone that’s influenced by natural marble. It is not only a glamorous marble but also low maintenance worktop material. You can choose Okite 1896 Bianco Carrara quartz from thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm. With dimensions of 3090x1600mm on each slab, you can create designs for most small and medium kitchens with a single sheet of this material.

Okite Bianco Carrara

14) UNISTONE CARRARA VENATINO: The graceful array of prominent grey veining is nestled on the white background of Unistone Carrara Venatino. It is a stunning Unistone quartz from Vietnam. When lit up with light around the countertop, this stone will reflect luxury and sophistication that most homeowners want nowadays. This quartz worktop surface mimics the aesthetic and genuine charm of Bianco Venatino marble that’s quarried from Massa in Italy. However, this quartz material is manufactured differently than the original Bianco Carrara Venatino marble. Unistone Carrara Venatino is created by humans under industrial conditions. Whilst this quartz stone looks just like the natural marble in appearance, it bears no inherent risks of scratching or staining. Carrara Venatino by Unistone is available in two slab sizes. A standard standardized slab dimension 3000x1400mm which is perfect for smaller kitchens and an option of Jumbo slabs with dimensions 3300x1600mm which will avoid seams in large kitchen islands.

Unistone Carrara Venatino

15) CRL WHITE CARRARA: Mimicking Bianco Carrara natural marble, CRL White Carrara quartz is bliss for busy people who don’t have time to maintain the natural stone countertop. Unlike marble, this quartz offers an easy solution to users with minimal need for cleaning or regular maintenance. Not only that White Carrara by CRL Quartz is easy to clean but it doesn’t require sealants nor coatings, making it a practical worktop material. Therefore, it is a perfectly functional kitchen element for urban living. It displays an off-white backdrop with grey veins, making it a major part of the company’s Natural Collection. White Carrara comes in slabs with dimensions 3300x1650mm which is ideal when designing larger spaces. You can also choose from 20mm and 30mm thick surfaces, suiting

CRL White Carrara

So, these were some of the popular Carrara quartz worktops that offer many advantages compared to marble or any other natural stone. After their installation, you can live a stress-free life without worrying about cleaning your kitchen surface or regular sealing of the countertop. All these plus points make Carrara quartz a must-have stone for your kitchen remodelling project.