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Ideal Worktop Materials to Comply with Your Homebase and B&Q Kitchen

With the advent of new techniques to procure new items, the interior of a house is witnessing a huge makeover along with a lot of different options to avail. Take kitchen worktops for an example. The material used to make the best-looking and extremely durable worktops known no limit. There are so many different options are available that one can avail, depending on the need and the interior requirement of the house. Choosing one can be quite overwhelming for someone who is new in this field and does not have the exact idea of different kinds of material available in the industry.

Types of material you can choose

The type of material varies from stone to wood, metal to composite. The choice should be done based on your home décor needs and the kitchen worktops you have from the leading brands. The choices seem to be a never-ending list and that makes your decision making even tougher. All you need to remember that the worktop in your kitchen will be used to prepare food, serve, and dine. It will have to withstand or tolerate heat, wear and tear. On the other hand, it will have to survive regular cleaning using harsh chemicals to maintain its shine. Flooring, wall cladding and other parts of your kitchen should be chosen wisely. Here is the list of materials that you can choose from for your modular kitchen.

  1. Granite

Granite is and always will be on the top of the list of worktop material preferred by the professionals as well as the households. It comes in various textures and colours to choose from. The choice looks extremely luxurious and stylish in the modern kitchens. The grainy look and the durable material are what you need to complete the décor of your kitchen.

sensa thailand granite

The natural stone is found with different patterns and shades. The colour scheme of your kitchen can be easily matched. Whether you want to go traditional or modern, granite is the thing that you need in your kitchen plan. The entire venture will result to be very appealing and appeasing to the bold kitchen worktops you own from the reputed brands.


  • Granite is extremely long lasting. Once installed, it will last for a long period of time. In fact, the value will depreciate in the long run.
  • Strength is what defines granite from the other material used to make a kitchen worktop work. The stone is tolerant to extreme heat. Cracks or dents will not appear that easily even if it goes through a lot of hardship.
  • Granite is a common choice as it is very easy to maintain and clean regularly. Simple DIY steps are sufficient to clean the worktops without any hassle. All you need is a good detergent and warm water to clean the material. Acidic cleaners should be avoided as the content of the stone is basic. It might cause dents or permanent corrosion.
  • The textures and shades go well with any brand such as B&Q Worktops. The compatible tone of the stone can be easily availed from the reputed brands.


  • The power also comes with a weakness. Once disfigured or damaged, granite cannot be repaired back to its youth. The entire installation needs to be changed as the stone slabs are bigger in size.
  • Granite is way heavier than the other entries. It means that an installation will need a lot of support. Smaller cabinets might not be able to handle the pressure. The material used to make the cabinets should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the heavy stone slabs.
  • The stone slabs are porous. The pores need to be sealed so that they cannot trap dirt. The sealing should be done every alternate year so that proper hygiene in the kitchen is maintained.
  1. Quartz

Quartz is a natural stone that is transformed into a proper worktop material using various means. Using quartz can be very fruitful for the modern kitchen it has a natural tendency to resist dirt. The hard material is elegant enough to match the outstanding kitchen plans and comply with the aura of the branded equipment in the kitchen. The engineered material is made of 93% natural stone held together by a resin binder (7%).

cambria queen anne quartz matte

The texture of this engineered stone slabs is excellent. The consistency is maintained for years. The branded material providers often add a manufacturer warranty of 10 or more years with the deal. The material is tough enough to avoid chipping and denting. It is a great choice for a busy kitchen. The elegant texture and the natural aura of the material are what your modern kitchen needs to look different. White quartz is the most popular among the textures and shades available in the market. The households using Homebase Worktops prefer this material the most. The contemporary kitchen designs also prefer grey quartz as there are multiple tones available in the single shade to give a rich look.


  • The engineered stone can be customized to fit any design easily. It also offers a wider range of textures and colours than the traditional materials such as marble, granite, etc.
  • Unlike granite, Quartz is nonporous. It means that you will not have to worry about the sealing every alternate year to avoid deposition of dirt. Quartz is highly resistant to stains without any hassle.
  • The resin binder and the stone quality also make it very strong and resilient to wear and tear.


  • Quartz is not efficient like granite to withstand heat. It can handle the temperature in a household kitchen easily. Extreme heat can impart damage to the material.
  • Quartz is more expensive than the other material used to make the countertops. Apart from the cost of the material, you will have to bear the higher expense of the installation service done by the professionals.
  1. Ceramic

Ceramic worktops are easier to match with the interior you are planning. The array of colours and textures is wide enough to comply with the latest worktops from the leading brands. Ceramic is harder than granite and quartz worktops. It also offers a refined look you want for your kitchen. The elegant ceramic shades and patterns go well with the B&Q kitchen worktops.



  • The decorative pieces give an intricate yet bold look to your kitchen worktop. Ceramic is also cheaper than the previously mentioned materials.
  • Ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to extreme heat and moisture.


  • Ceramic is more uneven than marble, granite worktops or quartz worktops . It means that it is more prone to wear and tear.
  • The material cannot bear weight. It can crack or dent when sharp corner hits it. Once broken, the tiles need to be replaced. Although, the cost of the replacement will be less than the stone materials.
  • The grouts are not easy to clean. The tiles might get cleaned easily but the dirty grouts will get highlighted easily. It means you cannot afford to leave a stain unattended for a longer period of time.
  1. Marble

Marble is costlier than the other materials mentioned in the list. The reason is quite simple. No other material can match the elegance of marble. Your kitchen will get a luxury makeover using marble on your worktop. The best Italian brands offer white marble textures that will convert your interior into a palatial style. Nowadays, the households using Homebase Kitchen worktops prefer the elegant grey marble to impart a richer look.

Calacatta Marble


  • Marble is waterproof and heat resistant. It can withstand a lot of heat without causing any trouble.
  • Beauty is definitely the strongest advantage.


  • Price is higher than the other materials.
  • The stone is porous in nature. It means that you will have to spend the time to clean the surface regularly.
  • The surface needs professional sealing to avoid staining or getting dirty.
  • The surface can get easily scratched by sharp surfaces. Period resealing is mandatory when you want marble in your kitchen worktop.


Finding the right material for a durable worktop is so easy these days. The varieties of textures and colours in every segment offer an array of options to you. All you need is a budget consideration and a proper interior décor plan to find the right material. Only choose the renowned supplier of the worktop material to avail the genuine products from the reputed brands. There are newer options other than traditional ones such as Corian, porcelain, textured glass, etc to choose from. Find the best one suiting your needs and come up with a beautiful kitchen to get admired by the guests.