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10 Best Unistone Quartz Colours in 2017 [Interiors]

Unistone represents a new-era of an extremely hard composite consisting of 90 percent natural quartz. The Unistone quartz surfaces are hard mainly due to the famous Breton technology employed during the production. This surface has many colour options that match with numerous decorative options. Like any engineered surface, the Unistone is anti-bacterial, acid-resistant, scratch and smudge resistant. Almost all Unistone surfaces come with three finishes -  polished, letano and velluto, and they come in different slab dimensions of 300 by 140 cm or  jumbo slabs of 330 by 165 cm. The ten best unistone quartz colours are discussed below:

  • Unistone Carrara Misterio- This quartz has a graceful white background with a wonderfully presented streak of grey veins that together product original aesthetics and brings about the feel of Bianco Carrara marble. It is great for kitchen worktops, bar counters, flooring, vanity tops, cladding.
  • Unistone Calacatta Toscane- Etched on a white pearly backdrop, the Calacatta Toscane is reminiscent of the natural Calacatta Tuscany marble from Italy that amplifies any interior area. While it is made in an industrial setting, this stone replicates the essence of the natural marble.
  • Unistone Carrara Venatino- Carrara Venatino comes from Vietnam and it contains faint grey veins etched over the surface. It is suitable for indoor usage as kitchen tops, wall decoration, floors, etc.
  • Unistone Grey Savoye- The grey savoye is a pure grey stone with faint flashes of grey veins on the top. It is the suitable option for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Unistone Statuario- Representing a thick cloud of veins on different parts of the surface, Statuario is the perfect picture of purity.
  • Unistone Calacatta- Calacatta has a light grey background with dark grey veins emboldened on the top running from one end to the other in a random pattern. As beautiful as it looks, its toughness is unmatched.
  • Unistone Thunder Grey- It is a grey surface with dark veins and white specks intermixed to create a beautiful stone.
  • Unistone Avalanche- It has a wild and distinct texture of veins presented in grey, beige and brown. Avalanche has a warm hue for background and it imparts as much simplicity as a luxury in the interior spaces.
  • Unistone Bianco Assoluto- Bianco Assoluto is a quartz stone that has a vibrant white hue spreading radiance in any interior area. It looks as natural as a pure snow white marble but does not inherit the risks of staining or scratching the natural stone when used as kitchen worktops.
  • Unistone Bianco Carrara- Opacity is clearly seen in this quartz stone that has a white tone in the background. Since the Carrara marbles come from Italy, this engineered stone also tries to imbibe the same aspects in terms of appearance while delivering the highest service quality.