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Compac Quartz Maintenance [Interiors]

Compac quartz is created with the latest technology that transforms pure natural quartz crystals into a timeless product that endures impact, scratching, staining, and much more. When you try Compac worktops such as the new Compac Unique Calacatta, the classic Compac Absolute Blanc or the extremely popular Compac Carrara, which are on offer through approved suppliers of Compac in the UK, you are basically purchasing a product with strong physical and mechanical characteristics that is also resistant to abrasion and that facilitates ease of cleaning. There are countless decorative options that exhibit tranquillity and elegance.= through the comprehensive palette of exquisite materials by the Spanish manufacturer of conglomerate surfaces who has been trading since 1975 and remains a world leader in technological surfaces.

Compac quartz maintenance

Compac quartz maintenance

The appropriate Compac quartz cleaning process normally involves using a neutral pH detergent and rinsing with water to let it dry afterwards, which will remove any remains from oil and grease, wine, vinegar, coffee, lemon, etc. There are other ways adopted to maintain Compac quartz surfaces which are discussed below:

Remove grease stains

Dilute a small amount of warm neutral pH detergent and rub gently on the stain with a dry cloth or paper towel in a circular motion. Once the grease has come off the surface, do rinse immediately with clean water.

Clean dry spots caused by lime water

Pour some vinegar or a diluted acid or you can ask for cleaners that do not leave behind an abrasion on the surface. These can be specific for lime, so do consult a professional at the time of purchase. Apply it over the surface of the hob and let it sit for a minute. Then rinse it with water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel, if necessary.

Remove rust stains

Metal oxide stains can be removed using a small amount of hydrochloric acid. Let it sit for a few seconds and then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a paper towel. You should also be wearing gloves when dealing with acids of concentrated nature.

Remove household stains

Remove these types of stains by rubbing with a damp paper towel and a neutral cleaner.Lastly, prevent damage to the surface by using trivets before placing any hot pot or pan, wipe spillages immediately, especially when using oil, foods and drinks and acidic substances. Using a cutting board while preparing food would prevent unwanted markings.

Compac quartz


  • Do not place Compac quartz under strong and direct sunlight or expose it to the UV light.
  • For longevity, avoid placing hot items directly from the oven on the quartz surface. These includes pans, pots and deep fryers
  • All Compac surfaces contain zero porosity, so do not apply water-resistant or sealer for extra shine.
  • Also, do not use stripping agents, caustic soda, degreasing products or cleaning agents with pH over 10. If you ever need to use a bleach or solvent, rinse it with plenty of water immediately.
  • None of the Compac quartz surfaces require polishing, whether you use it as a worktop or flooring.