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What is Dekton Made of? Dekton Issues and Problems [Review]

Dekton is a synthetic blend of raw materials- porcelain, glass, and quartz. Dekton represents a new era of surfaces that are here to solve the long-lasting problems faced by a number of professionals including homeowners, designers, decorators, builders, constructors, and architects. If you admire innovation; then you must know that Dekton by Cosentino is a revolutionary category of worktops, facades, floors, cladding, and much more. Its surface is manufactured with the help of an advanced technology called TPS which accelerates the metamorphic process of the natural stones, which normally takes hundreds of years.


Notable features of Dekton that make it a ‘must-have’ worktop:

  • Dekton provides mechanical strength, scratches, stains, UV rays, stains, abrasion, and hydrolysis. In addition to excellent thermal characteristics, fire resistance, heat and cold resistance.
  • To explain further, this material is durable that the manufacturer offers 10 to 30 years of warranty when bought from authorized dealers like My Kitchen Worktop in London, U.K.
  • It has zero dilation and the insulation requires little to join the slabs together.

Dekton issue:

The difference arose in the impact tests as pieces of the edges chipped off. The Dekton surface used as a sample cracked open into two pieces that were 2 cm thick. This suggested if a consumer were to accidentally drop a heavy pot or another object placed in the overhead compartments of their kitchen approximately 2 feet above, Dekton countertops would crack easily.

Dekton Test Results:

To create Dekton, it was necessary to first develop an industrial blueprint specifically for testing. Then ultimately creating the world's largest hydraulic press with a capacity of up to 25,000 tonnes to make ultra-compact slabs.

Some independent tests performed on Dekton surfaces provided different results. One of the biggest and unbiased consumer magazines, 'Consumer Reports' tested this ultra-compact material under various circumstances like durability against staining, slicing, scratching & scorching. Dekton surpassed all expectations in these areas and resisted damage from heat, stain, chopping and cutting. It also fared well at resisting abrasions.