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Introducing Caesarstone Pebble Quartz 4030

Sometimes, inspiration is not enough to renovate your living quarters or redecorate your prestigious office. Attractive materials for renovation are all around you but it is hard to know which to pick.

First-step in choosing the right material.

Basically, your selection process should include searching for the feasible alternatives that offer great aesthetic value, high-quality, and easy maintenance.

Solution to your decor limitations.

To alleviate such confusions, the stone surface manufacturers have introduced a superior grade quartz that is low-maintenance, robust and fuses with any decoration ideas you can come up with. Introducing the Caesarstone Pebble Quartz 4030.


Introducing Caesarstone Pebble Quartz 4030

Pebble 4030 is non-toxic, eco-friendly and does not demand extra care. Its toughness makes it suitable for worktops for a kitchen sink and surrounding, bathtub, wall cladding, patio, wash basins, among others. It artistically composes any design plan whether traditional, rustic, urban or even modern décor possibilities.

Appearance of Caesarstone Pebble Quartz 4030

To produce such excellence with a light grey background and a smooth texture, Caesarstone uses the latest technology to cultivate a mix of refined properties with the majority being quartz at 93%. Pebble 4030 is a part of the creatively engineered Classico Collection that draws inspiration from the pebbles seen in the gardens.

Some facts about the company

Caesarstone worktops come in many collections, which are the trending brands in catering to the needs of a demanding market. They offer top-notch surfaces in a wide array of sizes, thickness, hues, and in several other rare patterns. Such remarkable creations by this company earned them an ISO 14001 certification. It is commercially sold in the United Kingdom by My Kitchen Worktop who uphold the same set of standards to their customers.

Benefits and applications of Pebble 4030

Pebble is rich in visual appeal and proudly represents the genre of semi-precious gemstones. It amplifies the beauty of a kitchen design, interior worktops, walls, staircase, flooring, etc. The unique mid-grey tonality of Pebble will embellish any large space with jumbo slabs of dimensions 3060x1440mm. Thus, it is an ideal surface for facades, lobbies, swimming pool coping, etc. To build a functional interior worktop, you can effortlessly apply Pebble in the utility rooms or sauna because it contributes to the indoor air-quality. You can live carefree even in a region with elevated humidity levels since the surface is non-porous and does not absorb moisture. Pebble quartz is also a safe material for food preparation that requires minimal maintenance without sealing. The zero-porosity does not allow any bacterial proliferation and gives reliable resistance from impact, scratching from sharp knives and tolerance from heat. Thereby giving you, even more, reasons to employ this engineering marvel into your next interior decor assignment.