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Labradorite Blue granite: Material of the week

Labradorite Blue granite is stone from Madagascar and our material of the week.


Close up image of a Labradorite Blue granite slab

Technical characteristics

Stone name:  Labradorite Blue granite

Pseudonyme:Labradorite Blue Green,Labradorite Green,Tsoa Pearl,Labradorite Madagaskar, Labradorite Blue Austral

Texture: Coarse grain

Main colour: Green

Average slab size: 2900x1800mm

Tiles: Available. Please ask for lead times

Applications: Interior and exterior: worktops, wall cladding, bar tops, floor tiling.

Classification: Granite (internationally) / Anorthosite (European Standard)

Slab variation: High

Bending strength: 16.3 MPa

Density: 2723kg/m2

Porosity: 0,1%

Labradorite Blue is a granite also classified as a semi-precious stone due to its composition, rare looks with blue iridescent areas and price grouping.

Based on ancient experiences, it is believed owners of Labradorite Blue Green granite are blessed by mystical characteristics of this granite.

This stone is quarried mainly on the regions of ThIhosy and Ihorombe in Madagascar and it is both quarried as a building material and a gemstone. It can also be found in Finland, Ukraine and some regions in Australia.


Picture of a Labradorite Blue Green granite rock

Details to look out for in terms of good quality Labradorite Blue green granite are lack of hairline cracks on close inspection and finding material with as limited variation as possible within tolerance.

Sometimes the fact that a slab comes with nicely finished edges and corners can show a degree of care from the quarry of origin.


Picture of a Labradorite Green Blue slab

It is usually best to take at least a few days to source appropriate slabs.

Variation from a small sample seen at early stages of a project may not always be representative of a whole new slab delivered to a site.

My Kitchen Worktop recommends that the architect/designer and/or end client chooses the slabs they would like to receive for their project.


Image of Labradorite Blue green kitchen [email protected] Lucian Stone in Canada.

My Kitchen Worktop recently finished a residential project where Labradorite Blue was the main feature in a kitchen. We were commisioned with producing 30mm tops with a rounded island which had the inclusion of brass inserts flush to the top and edges of the stone.

Brass inserts on a rounded island

Brass inserts on a rounded island added a flair of opulence to the kitchen

door cabinets of the units

Each piece of stone was carefully manufactured to align with the door cabinets of the units

island by My Kitchen Worktop

Precision and craftsmanship displayed on the above Image of the island installed by My Kitchen Worktop.

Labradorite Blue Green granite

Hob run in a residential kitchen finished with Labradorite Blue Green granite

Brass inlay detail

Brass inserts on each of the 6 pieces composing the kitchen island

This material is also used in jewellery (rings, necklaces, ornaments and furniture) and feature areas in any room.


A hearth in Labradorite Blue granite worktops by interior designer Barbara Bright (image by Andrew Mc Kinney)