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Latest Honed Caesarstone Worktops at My Kitchen Worktop in London

Since 1987, Caesarstone is a trusted name in the worktop industry, offering top-notch quartz worktops to consumers. The brand provides both honed and polished quartz worktops. Considering Caesarstone honed vs polished, many people like the matte finish on worktops because it evokes a casual and relaxed vibe in an interior.

Honed Caesarstone worktops have soft and natural feel to it compared to polished surfaces. When honed, quartz gives a slight appearance of concrete, slate or limestone but without the inherent flaws of the natural stones.


The Caesarstone honed worktop has an unpolished and matte surface. Therefore, it’s vulnerable to stains, scratches and other imperfections than polished quartz worktops. So, homeowners need to be a little careful when cleaning its surface.

For example, they must clean the worktop surface immediately if any spillage occurs. Considering the maintenance part, honed Caesarstone is more suitable for anyone who can spend time and efforts for cleaning and maintaining this worktop surface.


Recently, there has been an increased demand for Caesarstone worktops. It has led to the higher availability of Caesarstone UK worktops in the market. Since more people are demanding honed finish quartz, the dealers and suppliers of quartz have to maintain a consistent supply of this worktop material for consumers.

At My Kitchen Worktop, you can find an extensive range of honed Caesarstone worktops. Some of these quartz worktops even mimic the appearance of natural stones like marble, granite, concrete, etc.

Types of Honed Caesarstone worktops for modern kitchens

Here are the best honed Caesarstone worktops for modern kitchens:

  • Caesarstone Mink

Caesarstone Mink honed quartz worktop has been made from the patented technique of colour mixing that combines finely textured grains with a dappled pattern forming a deep brown surface to have an organic appearance. It is perfect for installing into a kitchen with earthy tones.

4350 caesarstone mink kitchen worktops 2

  • Caesarstone Concrete

Caesarstone Concrete honed quartz boasts a grey surface that’s perfect for bringing industrial feel into a modern interior. This particular quartz material enables homeowners to have an industrial looking worktop without inherent problems of the original concrete surface. The quartz surface is non-porous, hence highly resistant to stains, scratches and extremely hard-wearing.

2003 caesarstone quartz concrete grey kitchen worktops 4

  • Caesarstone Buttermilk

Want a subtle yet stylish worktop in your kitchen? Caesarstone buttermilk honed quartz is just perfect for you. This cream worktop surface is created with colour mixing technologies. The end product has warm, soft and natural aesthetics. Combining various creamy tones, buttermilk quartz is perfect for creating the natural-looking organic pattern for enhancing the given atmosphere for relaxation and tranquillity.

4220 caesarstone buttermilk kitchen worktops 4

  • Caesarstone Clamshell

Caesarstone Clamshell honed quartz boasts grey surface with a soft mix of light grey, along with intricate details of whites and deep greys. These particular worktop surfaces don’t require sealing and need only minimal maintenance to keep looking as new because of their advanced manufacturing techniques. Moreover, their subtle tones are ideal for having a striking impact on a modern kitchen.

caesarstone clamshell worktops quartz

  • Caesarstone Ginger

Caesarstone Ginger honed quartz is brown and creates a minimal yet aesthetic appeal. This earthy brown shade includes many small chips that are blended to form a fine-textured look, adapting to any interior. This gorgeous human-made stone consists of approximately 93% natural quartz. Therefore, it’s highly resistant to accidental impact, scratches, stains and cracks.

4330 caesarstone quartz ginger kitchen island

  • Caesarstone Misty

Caesarstone Misty quartz is a stunning white to off-white worktop surface with subtle grey veining. This particular worktop surface interprets the timeless and classic beauty of Italian Bianco Carrara marble with superior performance. Composed of around 93% natural quartz and other materials, this non-porous quartz is virtually maintenance-free compared to many natural stones. This highly versatile worktop with a uniform surface is highly resistant to stains, scratches and impact. Speaking of its design, this worktop material is ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

4141 caesarstone misty carrera kitchen worktops


At My Kitchen Worktop, you’ll find an extensive range of Caesarstone worktops in a honed finish. Just explore the latest honed Caesarstone collection and find the best worktop material for your home.