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Marble Worktops That are in Vogue in 2018

Kitchen worktop trends in the UK keep changing year on year. Most of the things that were trending in 2017 are here to stay although there are some new trends that are surely changing the design and architectural arenas. But while most trends come and go, marble worktops continue to ever attract people who are looking for a beautiful and durable worktop material.  If you are looking for the same, we have created a list of some top marble worktop materials that are sure to rule in 2018.

1. Slabs in Solid Colours

The natural variations of marble make it unique. As a result, it is difficult if not impossible, to find natural marble slabs with a uniform appearance across different blocks of stone. In fact, it is this wide array of patterning and variations that make marble so popular and one of the most classic materials in decoration. But while warm and neutral colours were mostly preferred by homeowners in the past, the demand for plain and solid colours has increased, especially when it comes to minimalist designs.Less lines and homogenous colours bring a sense of being in a bigger room.

No matter what kind of decor you have in your kitchen; colours like green, yellow, blue, and even red can be a trendy choice. Look for a reputed marble supplier in London, and you are sure to find many amazing options in unique and bold colours.

2. Monochrome worktops

Sleek white, grey and black kitchens are major trends this year. You can find several gorgeous marble slabs which can be used to soften or highlight such decor. You can use a warm marble slab to achieve a soft effect and worktops in midnight black to enhance the darkness. Grey too, is an excellent option if you have a lot of colours in your kitchen and wants to add some softness.

Bianco Lasa marble from Italy, also known as Bianco Oro marble offers compliments monochromatic interiors

3. Mix and match

Another popular trend this year is mixing and matching the kitchen decor. This can be in the form of using marble of two different colours for the worktop or using two entirely different materials for it. Marble can be combined with a number of popular materials like sintered porcelain, quartzite, Dekton, quartz, granite worktops and more.

If you want to mix and match colours, some of the most popular options are combinations in black-white, grey-white, blue-grey, red-white, and brown-black. If you possibly can try to not use more than two colours for the worktop as it can make your kitchen look too crowded and even odd.

Triangular Kitchen Island in Silestone Carbono mix-and-match-with a rectangular kitchen island in Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme provides contrast to the space

Worktop matching with the decor of the entire home

While matching the worktop material with the rest of the kitchen’s style is fairly common, many leading interior designers and architects are now combining the daily life and living spaces into your kitchen. This means that the kitchen should be created in such a way that it matches the aesthetics and versatility of your entire home. As the kitchen worktop is the focal point of this space, it’ll definitely play an important role in helping you match your kitchen with the rest of the home.

If you have a contemporary decor, you can choose materials such as Grigio Carnico marble or Negro Marquina marble for their bold colours. For stylish and traditional styles, Bianco Carrara marble and Calacatta marble can be great choices.

If you want your kitchen to stand out and look unique, these are some of the top trends in Marble kitchen worktops for 2018 that you can consider. Look for a reliable marble worktop supplier that also offers consultation and installation services for enhanced convenience.