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Materials to create dream vanity in bathrooms

You can easily create your dream vanity with the right choice of materials. While there are endless options to choose from, you should understand various materials first and then decide what goes with your style and bathroom interior.

The selection of materials for your bathroom vanity can easily make or break the entire bathroom renovation. The design of your bathroom vanity must strike the right balance between bathroom storage needs and visual appeal. In addition, since hygiene must be at the forefront of any bathroom, it is best to use materials that won’t degrade over time when in contact with water. Therefore, you would need to be careful when choosing products for creating a bathroom design. 

First, consider looking for the right bathroom countertop. A vanity top must be aesthetically pleasing, whilst remaining functional. This is because it’s one of the most used areas in a bathroom and holds many day-to-day bathroom accessories. You should choose a material that’s sturdy and durable. Also, choosing the right type of product for your bathroom can bring value to any property. 

Choosing the right bathroom countertop

You can contact a reputed bathroom worktop supplier near you and ask for different countertop samples for analysis. Usually, they will offer one of the below materials. Please feel free to browse from this list, so that you can choose the best options for your bathroom renovation project:

1. Quartz

Manufacturers of quartz worktops (well-known brand names are Silestone, Cambria and Caesarstone) add unique resins, pigments and some recycled material to 95% natural quartz to offer some exquisite designs. Quartz has been around for over 30 years and is a product that guarantees longevity and functionality.


  • Quartz is tougher compared to marble and granite
  • It does not need sealing
  • Highly resistant to stains, moisture and bacteria
  • The bacteriostatic treatment makes it hygienic for bathroom environments
  • Available in many slab sizes, thicknesses, finishes and patterns


  • High-quality quartz stone may cost the same or even more than some marbles
  • Honed finishes in dark and plain colours can show smudges and fingerprints, and therefore require many wipe-downs. This is true for any black matt surface, not just quartz.


2. Marble

A marble bathroom looks elegant with a unique luxury appeal. Your bathroom worktop supplier may have marble in many colour variations – from white with grey veining to classic black hues. Marble is a timeless product that is guaranteed to elevate the look of any bathroom. In addition, it is known for its resistance and durability.


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • It can resist most dents or chips
  • Adaptable to almost any style


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • It can resist most dents or chips
  • Adaptable to almost any style


3. Granite

It remains one of the top material choices among homeowners due to its dramatic beauty. A good bathroom worktop supplier will have granite in a wide range of colour and pattern options that can easily blend into any interior style.


  • Many designs and patterns – from subtle to bright and bold hues
  • It is hard and scratch-resistant
  • Requires minimal upkeep if properly sealed
  • Impervious to moisture and damage caused by a flat iron
  • It may last forever


  • Although recyclable, granite’s mining and transportation could be costly, as it’s a heavy material  


4. Laminate

Laminate is made of a thin plastic surface, which is further pressure bonded to a plywood base or particleboard. The advanced printing technologies have made it possible to create modern laminate in some realistic wood and stone-like finishes, as well as other graphic patterns.


  • It is an affordable option for bathroom worktops
  • It is warm to touch
  • It is water-resistant, durable and easy to clean

It is easy to install


  • It tends to dull or thin over time
  • Damages on its surface are not repairable


Material for Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Here are the three best cabinet material options that go well with any bathroom worktop and interior style.

1. Solid Wood

It is one of the best materials used for making bathroom vanity cabinets. It is available in a wide variety of options like birch, oak, maple, poplar, birch, etc.


  • Durable and strong material
  • Can stand the test of time
  • Withstand humidity inside a bathroom  


  • Very expensive
  • Cheaper options may not be that durable


2. Plywood

Not only household furniture but plywood is also good for making cabinets.


  • Affordable option
  • Available in many design patterns


  • It may crack and peel over time due to the high moisture level


3. MDF (Medium Density Fireboard)

MDF is made from composite fibre and tiny pieces of wood. It is also an ideal material option for cabinets.


  • Visually appealing
  • Affordable


  • Neither too durable nor long-lasting
  • Moisture may penetrate this material and hence, it needs extra care

These were some of the well-known bathroom vanity materials to choose from. You may choose out of these options or ask your bathroom worktop supplier to show other available options.