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Neolith Surfaces Chosen as the Best for Bathrooms in 2017

A special moment with friends and family at home is what moves home owners into finding the best surface material to turn that occasion into a gleeful gathering of loved ones. The reason being no other product offers more charm and warmth when welcoming guests like Neolith surfaces, which can be displayed on walls, flooring, façade and worktops like a piece of art.

Neolith Surfaces Chosen as the Best for Bathrooms in 2017

This and other reasons contributed towards the win for Neolith surfaces that were chosen as the best for Bathrooms in 2017. Let us find out why this product became one of the leaders in the industry and understand why it is preferred for several types of projects in the civil construction.

Neolith brand and recognition in the market

This brand is worth its reputation, which has increased drastically today. It has been introducing a top of the line products by supplying the most distinguished surfaces and surpassing all expectations with innovative surfaces for bathrooms. Neolith was ranked in the first place of the "Top 10 Brands in Bathroom Floors & Surfaces". Architonic, a prestigious online platform of Architecture and Design, ranked Neolith quite appropriately. This platform also had over 1500  popular bathroom surface manufacturers. The recognition was based on the number of page visits of the relevant Architonic member brand that assured Neolith worktops deserved #1 spot. Indeed, it is one of the most superior in designs with an outstanding aesthetic value. Neolith surfaces are the systematisation of 100% pure raw materials, which undergo rigorous Quality Assurance tests to fulfil every international standardisation before commercialising. The manufacturer guarantees high-quality not only in production but service and responsibility as well. For example, their dedication to producing environment-friendly materials is highly praised in the industry. Neolith is an eternally durable material with a full body design to renovate all décors with style and innovation. Its slabs also come in a variety of dimensions and hues.

Neolith Estatuario

From the Classtone Collection, Estatuario is inspired by the rich natural beauty of Statuario marble. With an intense white background and thick grey veins, the stone is impeccable in texture and retains its luxurious aspect even under strong UV rays, rain or humidity.

Neolith Calacatta

Calacatta grabs attention the moment you lay eyes on it. This is why Neolith Calacatta has received the Red Dot Product Design Awards and the Muuuz International Awards in 2015. The inspiration for Calacatta comes from the Calacatta marbles but with an improved design that is very well-distributed and uniform grey veins running all over the slabs. Calacatta is unique and it can offer two different aesthetic effects- a book-match effect and an end-match effect, thus offering the architects and designers many options to decorate a space.