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New Colours from Caesarstone - 2017

Meet the 4 new colours from Caesarstone that compliment the marble and industrial chic looks:

New colours from Caesarstone -The world’s premium quartz surface manufacturer, Caesarstone has returned with their newest collection for the United Kingdom, unveiled in June 2017. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are the most favourite and cherished products for homeowners, architects, and interior designers. These four newly introduced colours are listed below-

I. 4033 Rugged Concrete
II. 5043 Montblanc
III. 6046 Moorland Fog
IV. 63133 Turbine Grey

Caesarstone is known for high-quality and top performing quartz worktops for home and office interiors alike. Like all products manufactured by this reputable company, these four introductions are also reliable and bring with them a solution to the emerging décor trends.

Caesarstone UK Managing Director, Amir Reske said that these new colours from Caesarstone will inspire the overall look and aesthetic of a room that these are placed in, due to the larger surface area of Caesarstone quartz worktops.
I. 4033 Rugged Concrete is the newest member of the Concrete collection, joining 4003 Sleek Concrete, 4004 Raw concrete, and 4001 Fresh Concrete. This collection pays homage to the raw materials used for industrial décor and interior design.

The underlying difference in 4033 Rugged Concrete is that it goes beyond the scope of other products of the same collection by binding together a variety of finishes that uniquely produce the coarseness of concrete that exemplifies a real design statement.
This item is urban inspired that receives its bold and daring look from the dark grey tones and imperfections that finally offer a textured look. Caesarstone quartz worktops from the Concrete collection offer the homeowners a comprehensive and inspiring look.


II. 5043 Montblanc from the Supernatural collection finds its inspiration from nature, the various forms, colours, and patterns that come together to replicate the beauty of natural stone. What makes Montblanc truly awesome is its harmonious light grey background infused with remarkably scattered, stylish and composed lines.



III. 6046 Moorland Fog from the Supernatural collection also finds zest from the natural grace of granite. This Caesarstone quartz worktop displays a refined look containing soft hues that spark to life under bright light and its dark veins highlight the very essence of granite for residential purposes.



IV. 6313 Turbine Grey from the Supernatural collection imparts a romantic look and feel to this granite inspired series. The entire supernatural collection combines rural aesthetics with an urban style. As sophisticated as granite is, Turbine Grey impersonates this very uniqueness that is represented with a blend of intricate veining and texture. This bold and dark grey quartz surface will greatly amplify the surroundings with vigour, style, and luxury.



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