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New Materials August 2016

1) Name: Blue Agate (Concetto Collection by Caesarstone) Type: Agate Origin: ItalyBlue Agate Concetto Caesarstone 2) Name: Blue Jeans Gold Type: Marble Origin: TurkeyBlue jeans gold marble 3) Name: Breccia Oniciata Type: Marble Origin: ItalyBreccia Oniciata Marble 4) Name: Bronze Fantasy Type: Marble Origin: IndiaBronze Fantasy Marble 5) Name: Brown Silk (vein cut) Type: Marble Origin: IndiaBrown Silk (vein cut) 6) Name: Cosmic White Type: Granite Origin: IndiaCosmic White Granite 7) Name: Elegant Grey (honed) Type: Marble Origin: ItalyElegant Grey (honed) 8) Name: Fusion Blue Type: Granite Origin: BrazilFusion Blue Granite 9) Name: Paonazetto Type: Marble Origin: ItalyPaonazetto Marble 10) Name: Paonazzo (book-matched) Type: Marble Origin: ItalyPaonazzo (book-matched) 11) Name: Pegasus (aka Black and Gold Marinace) Type: Granite Origin: ItalyPegasus (aka Black and Gold Marinace) Granite 12) Name: Silestone Acqua Fracarolli Type: Engineered quartz Origin: SpainSilestone Acqua Fraccaroli Worktops 13) Name: Thunder White Type: Granite Origin: IndiaThunder White Granite 14) Name: Amadeus Calacatta Type: Marble Origin: ItalyAmadeus Calacatta 15) Name: Avalanche Type: Quartzite Origin: BrazilAvalanche 16) Name: Azul Noche Type: Granite Origin: SpainAzul Noche 17) Name: Basaltina Type: Basalt Origin: ItalyBasaltina 18) Name: Belvedere Type: Quartzite Origin: South AfricaBelvedere 19) Name: Blue Calcite Type: Semi-precious Origin: MexicoBlue Calcite 20) Name: Breccia Paradiso Type: Marble Origin: ItalyBreccia Paradiso 21) Name: Breccia Van Gough Type: Marble Origin: ItalyBreccia Van Gough 22) Name: Brown Dior Type: Marble Origin: TurkeyBrown Dior 23) Name: Calacatta Perla Type: Marble Origin: ItalyCalacatta Perla 24) Name: Carrara Lithoverde Type: Marble Origin: ItalyCarrara Lithoverde 25) Name: Cream Elysee Type: Marble Origin: FranceCream Elysee 26) Name: Denver Grey Type: Marble Origin: USADenver Grey 27) Name: Ice Flakes Type: Quartzite Origin: BrazilIce Flakes 28) Name: Labradorite Bianca Type: Granite Origin: Madagascar Labradorite Bianca 29) Name: Lemurian Blue Type: Granite Origin: Madagascar Lemurian Blue 30) Name: Ligourio Type: Marble Origin: GreeceLigourio 31) Name: Magic Brown (vein cut) Type: Marble Origin: CanadaMagic Brown (vein cut) 32) Name: Nessus Type: Marble Origin: GreeceNessus 33) Name: Namibian Sky Type: Marble Origin: NamibiaNamibian Sky 34) Name: Perla Beige Type: Marble Origin: TurkeyPerla Beige 35) Name: Pocahontas Type: Marble Origin: USAPocahontas 36) Name: Ritsona Red Type: Marble Origin: GreeceRitsona Red 37) Name: Red Travertine Type: Travertine Origin: IranRed Travertine 38) Name: Revolution Wave Type: Granite Origin: BrazilRevolution Wave 39) Name: Royal Green Type: Quartzite Origin: ItalyRoyal Green 40) Name: Silestone Royal Reef Type: Engineered quartz Origin: SpainSilestone Royal Reef 41) Name: Silk Georgette Type: Marble Origin: ChinaSilk Georgette 42) Name: Silver Dark Type: Marble Origin: TurkeySilver DarK 43) Name: Superlative Type: Granite Origin: BrazilSuperlative 44) Name: Tanotti Green Type: Marble Origin: ItalyTanotti Green 45) Name: Veria Green Type: Marble Origin: GreeceVeria Green 46) Name: Verde Draco Type: Marble Origin: GreeceVerde Draco 47) Name: White Snow Type: Marble Origin: ChinaWhite Snow 48) Name: Victoria Falls Type: Quartzite Origin: BrazilVictoria Falls 49) Name: White Wood Type: Marble Origin: ChinaWhite Wood