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Quartz Worktop Buying Guide in London: 3 Factors to Consider

The solidness, colours, and durability of quartz have made it the most popular worktop material in London over the last 20 years. Quartz worktops are available in an extensive range of colours and designs to suit your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of any property. If you are looking to source quartz worktop for your kitchen, 3 of the most important factors that you should definitely consider are mentioned in this post.

The worktop is one of those parts of a kitchen which significantly influences the productivity and appearance of any property. Replacing a worktop is one of the easiest and cheapest of ways to upgrade and update the interiors of any house.

Kitchen worktops and Island in Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz

The durability and extensive range of colours and designs have made quartz one of the most popular worktop materials in London. Like many other homeowners, if you are looking to buy a Quartz worktop in London, make sure that you consider the three important factors mentioned below.

Colour - 

  • The colour is a personal preference and as quartz worktops in London are available in many different colours and shades, it is easier for a homeowner to find something not only that they like but i will also ensure it matches the colour scheme of the rest of a property. If you are confused with all the available options, a time-tested method is to match the colour of the worktop with the colour of the floor and install doors in contrasting colours. This can be done by requesting samples to a local stone supplier who will post small pieces for consideration. You can also mix and match to be a little more adventurous.

Pattern - 

  • Unlike natural stone, quartz is an engineered stone that is produced at a facility that controls its manufacturing process. While natural stones are known for their unique and distinctive appearance, their patterns can be highly irregular. Patterns designed on quartz worktops are man-made and are therefore, highly uniform which helps in achievning continuity of colour and pattern at a given commercial and/or residential property. Right from rugged to glossy, many different quartz worktops are available in the marketplace.

Cost - 

  • Quartz worktop prices have reduced significantly in the past few years; however, they are still available across a wide price range. The pattern and texture of quartz worktops vastly vary, and so does their cost. It is always recommended that you work out a budget and stick to it before starting to search for quartz worktop as this will help in narrowing down the available options.

Remember these factors when buying quartz worktops in London to make sure that you purchase a worktop that is well within your budget and provides the desired functionality.