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Quartzforms UK Colours for Summer 2019


If you want to add some celestial touch to your interior, Quartzforms is the perfect material. Designed in many out worldly patterns, hues and art forms, it provides uniqueness, durability and functionality to any modern home.

Tired of the boring white, grey, black or brown shades in your kitchen? It’s time to add some celestial touch to your cooking space. This is possible with the unique collection of Quartzforms.

What is Quartzforms?

Quartzforms is made from 92% pure quartz and 8% combination of other raw materials, resins and pigments. This engineered stone goes one step further compared to that of natural stones like marble and granite by offering a kitchen surface that is non-porous and easy to maintain. It is the result of exclusive Bretonstone process and advanced cutting-edge technological development.

Also, the Quartzforms UK worktops are non-toxic and ecological. Not to mention these are also durable, versatile, knock resistant, water-resistant, and both scratch and stain resistant.

If you wonder whether you could find Quartzforms for every kitchen style, you’re right. From usual worktop designs to planet inspired patterns, Quartzforms Planet Mars, you get this engineered quartz worktop material in various designs.

The combination of technology and sustainability make it a perfect modern-day worktop and surface product. Quartzforms’ industrial space in Germany produces over 200,000 slabs of this quartz composite stone every year. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the availability of this new-age countertop stone.

Latest Summer Additions

What’s unique, is that the manufacturers have come up with a new marble-effect quartz range of products with a stylish planet-inspired collection. To add more to the Quartzforms planet collection, the manufacturer has now brought new Quartzforms UK colours for summer 2019. Here is a list of the latest designs to spruce up your kitchen this year:

  1. Quartzforms Planet Mercury: Quartzforms Planet Mercury is a unique stone with mid-grey surface boasting light grey veining that’s suitable for any interior. If you want a practical Quartzforms worktop with minimal maintenance, look no further. You simply need a clean cloth and neutral household soap for cleaning its surface.
  • 2. Quartzforms Planet Venus: Featuring white veins of a purest white surface, the Quartzforms Planet Venus is a fantastic looking design from the latest colours collection 2019. Besides offering practicality, it enables users to explore the beauty of our solar system. Planet Venus is available in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Planet Venus is ideal to use as large tiles, kitchen island or wall cladding and splashbacks with minimal use of joints which is possible thanks to the Quartzforms slab dimensions of 3200x1600mm.
  • 3. Quartzforms Planet Jupiter: Quartzforms Planet Jupiter has a brown surface with extended beige veining. It somehow resembles a high-end marble but without any issues of the natural stone. It is easy to maintain and clean. If you want a modern worktop with a classic design, this dark-brown stone is just perfect. As with the other designs from the Planet Collection, this stone is available in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and polished finish that displays an incredible sheen achieved by the Italian production process taking place for this material.
  • 4. Quartzforms Planet Neptune: Quartzforms Planet Neptune quartz surface has a white backdrop boasting long grey veins. It brings natural celestial touch to your interior while making you feel relaxed and at peace with its pristine ambience. Since it marries two concepts of nature, the universe and stone, you will feel out-of-this-world in your living space. Planet Neptune is also suitable for commercial spaces including restaurants, bars and hospitality thanks to its non-porosity. As a matter of fact, all Quartzforms materials, boasts properties that make it highly resistant to stains, scratches whilst avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.
  • 5.Quartzforms Planet Saturn: Providing natural earthly limestone hued base with light veins and elegant patterns, Quartzforms Plant Saturn evokes calm and peace of space. Besides its natural-looking design, this Quartzforms worktop is easy to clean and maintain. Inspired by the natural charm of the galaxy, this engineered stone can transform any interior area. You can install it as your kitchen countertop, table top, vanity top and flooring. It can even serve as a beautiful wall cladding or kitchen splashback.