Restyle Your Kitchen with Innovative and Creative Kitchen Worktops

Many people want to remodel their kitchen with new trendy installations. But they are afraid of the high prices involved in this process. If you think the same, let’s enlighten you that a kitchen can be renovated easily with minimal costs too by being a little creative and investing in reasonable yet innovative kitchen countertops.

What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Worktop?

The major advantage of installing a kitchen worktop is that it appears luxurious and practical at the same time. Choosing affordable Onyx kitchen worktops in different varieties, you get the flexibility to design your kitchen in the desired colours, styles, designs and materials. These kitchen worktops come in an exclusive range of colours to match the home decor and accessories in your cooking space.

Onyx Kitchen Worktops

Onyx stone is composed of quartz and silica. It has a glassy look and is one of the popular materials for kitchen applications. This man-made stone is being used to create a centrepiece in any environment, such as cooking areas, reception desks, steam rooms, bar tops, saunas and wall cladding.

From pure white to varying bright hues, Onyx is available in various shades. This makes it one of the best stones for decking up any interior style and architecture. This is the reason that makes Onyx worktops a popular choice in many households. 

Some famous Onyx shades are Honey, Black Tiger (Cross Cut), Golden, Black Tiger, Grigio Perla, Fantastico, Rosso, Cappucino, Rainbow (Cross Cut), Rainbow (Vein Cut) and more.

Why choose Onyx over other stones?

Onyx worktops have a glossy appearance that attracts viewers. Due to the extensive colour range in different shades of white, black, grey and other colour options, choosing your preferred hue is quite easy for giving perfect finesse to your modern interior. Installing these worktops to your kitchen is a long-term investment.

Just like various colours and shades, Onyx kitchen worktops are also available in many unique patterns. Since light may easily pass through this worktop material, it can also be used with backlit LEDs to enhance your interior decor. The surreal patterns of Onyx are also suitable for a backsplash near your sinks and stoves.

Maintenance Tips for Onyx Worktops

One needs to take good care of this semi-precious stone that’s naturally porous due to the presence of silica. If you take proper care of Onyx, its sheer beauty is likely to leave spectators mesmerised.

While Onyx does need regular care and maintenance, it’s not more than its counterparts like granite and marble. Here are some important tips to take care of Onyx:

  1. Onyx kitchen worktops need daily clean up. It also needs proper care when handling heavy kitchen appliances and hot pans, as its surface may crack or chip under pressure.
  2. Despite the high quality of Onyx Stone in the UK, it’s prone to abrasion and scratching. Therefore, use coasters and chopping boards for preventing any scratches.
  3. Onyx must not only be sealed but resealed as well, at least once in a year. Due to sealing, its surface will be protected against the absorption of chemicals and acids that may damage it from within.
  4. Since Onyx is a porous material, it is best to use water and a piece of cloth for cleaning. You may even purchase a specifically designed cleaner for cleaning its surface.