Should I Choose Matt or Gloss Kitchen Worktops?

For most of the homeowners in the UK, buying a new worktop is all about selecting the right material, colour, size, and design. Most potential buyers do not give due importance to the finish of the material even though it has a significant impact on the looks, durability, and maintenance needs of the worktop. Matt and gloss are two of the most popular worktop materials and finishes available in London and the rest of the UK. Most of the materials like natural stone worktops or quartz kitchen worktops are at least available in these two finishes. What is the difference between the two? How can you select the best? Read this post to find out!

What is Matt finish?

Worktop materials with matte finish are getting increasingly popular all over the world. As compared to a gloss finish, matte finish is relatively a modern trend. The materials with matte finish have a flat surface which does not reflect the light but rather absorb it to result in understated elegance. The smooth matte finish offers even colour and looks the same from every angle. As compared to the gloss finish, the matte finish can hide the wear and tear better. For a lot of homeowners, the consistency offered by matt surfaces appeals more than the reflective glossy finish surfaces.

matt finish

What is the Gloss finish?

The gloss finish is a more popular option than matte finish due to its light-reflecting quality. Unlike matte surfaces which absorb light, gloss surfaces reflect it to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. As a result, the gloss finish worktops are also a very commonly preferred for kitchens that are small. While the gloss finish be it the high gloss black kitchen worktops or white gloss kitchen worktop finish on every colour of worktop will deliver this colour-reflective effect, it is generally the white surfaces that are known to deliver maximum shine. The light-reflecting nature of gloss finish also ensures that the worktop surface looks different from every angle, making it an excellent choice for homeowners aiming to create a more dramatic and striking decor.

gloss finish

Maintenance and cleaning of Matt and Gloss finishes

While the actual cleaning and maintenance needs of a matt gloss worktop would depend on the material you select, the finish does influence how often you need to clean the worktop. As mentioned above, glossy surfaces can hide fingerprints and smudges better than matte surfaces. As a result, the daily cleaning needs reduce considerably with gloss worktops. But on the plus side, both types of matt or gloss kitchen finishes can be easily cleaned with a standard micro-fibre cloth and a chemical-free cleaning liquid.

Availability of both the finishes

The gloss worktop finish stays far longer than the matte finish. As a result, it is considered a standard option and is readily available in materials like marble, granite, and a wide range of man-made materials. But on the other hand, a matte finish is not that readily available. Until a few years ago, quartz kitchen worktops were simply not available in matte finish. However, some manufacturers now do offer matte quartz surfaces. But even then, matte finish is not as readily available as the gloss finish.

Cost of matte and gloss finish

As the gloss finish is still considered the standard choice, it is generally cheaper than matte finish surfaces. Depending on the type of material you select, there can be a significant difference in the cost of a material having a gloss finish and the same material having a matte finish. The price will be somewhat dictated by the availability or scarcity (for the same matter) of the product made by the manufacturer of mother earth when referring to natural stones such as marble, quartzite, limestone or granite worktops. So, as you can see, there are some significant differences between the two finishes. Understand these thoroughly, and it won’t really be that difficult for you to make the right selection for your kitchen worktop.