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Silestone Extends the Thriving Eternal Collection of Quartz Stones with 4 New Marble Inspired Colours

Silestone Eternal Collection

silestone eternal collection

Silestone Eternal Collection, which is probably the most popular quartz stone range in the world right now, and made by the house of Cosentino, has further expanded the Eternal Collection of quartz materials with four new marble-inspired designs. Due to the immense success of the Collection in 2017, the brand launched the new colours at the recently held KBIS 2018 conference located in California, USA.

Combined with the latest technological advancements, the new colours are a modern take on some of the most popular stones and marbles from Italy, Spain and from around the world. The new quartz designs from Silestone, benefit from Jumbo slab dimensions offered by Silestone Eternal Collection colours, which at 3250x1590mm per sheet, ensure large areas can be covered without any visible seams, offering the opportunity of creating an almost endless array of designs in walls, worktops, floorings and furniture pieces alike.

The new surfaces by Silestone now come with a patented N-Boost Technology which the Company claims can modify the surface of the material at a molecular level to extend its aesthetic and technical attributes. N-Boost offers enhanced lustre and colour saturation, and improved water repellent quality, making the new surfaces easier to maintain and clean than ever before.

Let us have a detailed look at the four new colours launched by the Silestone Eternal Collection:

  1. Silestone Bianco Calacatta

Calacatta marble is a very popular natural stone from Italy which has been used extensively in Grand buildings, palaces and monuments by the finest architects and designers throughout history due to its unique sheen and decadent looks.

Its soothing white background and the soft grey veins on top of a pure white surface makes it an ideal choice for any design style. Silestone Bianco Calacatta has further improved the exuberance of Calacatta marble with thicker veining which enhances the personality and contrast of the surface, reflecting the looks that could only be achieved with an extra variety of Calacatta which would compare to much higher prices than the reinterpretation created by Cosentino. If you are looking for a surface that can easily turn into a focal point in any room, Bianco Calacatta from Silestone is a great option to consider.


  1. Silestone Classic Calacatta

While the thicker grey veins of the new Bianco Calacatta make a dramatic contrast on a pure white quartz surface, Silestone Classic Calacatta has these veins in a softer shade of grey offering understated elegance. The uniform grey veins on the neutral background and a translucent appearance make this new colour a great pick for those who require a classic yet luxurious surface finish to suit any contemporary or classic setting.  Classic Calacatta comes in a polished finish which offers a unique sheen and also in Suede finish which offers a slightly textured yet soft finish.


  1. Silestone Eternal Marfil

Homeowners looking for something unique with earthy hues should definitely check the new Silestone Eternal Marfil quartz stone. The soft and elegant cream background of the surface with subtle orange veins makes it look minimal and warm. The surface is a modern take on the popular Crema Marfil marble from Spain, which has been a historically great choice for architects and designers who want to add serenity and naturalness to any space. Despite its faithful reinterpretation to the natural marble, Silestone Eternal Marfil further improves on performance by offering a material that won’t ever need to be sealed nor maintained with anything other than soapy water and a cloth.


  1. Silestone Eternal Emperador

The tobacco brown background with bright touches and creamy streaks throughout the surface makes Silestone Eternal Emperador a one-of-a-kind quartz surface when it comes to having a grand appearance. The warm and earthy tones of the surface have been inspired from Emperador Brown marble which is a natural stone from Spain and one of the most popular stones in the world.

If a touch of elegance and tradition is what a potential buyer is looking for, there is no better option than this new release from Silestone which not only resembles the beauty of Spanish marble but also offers a surface that is extremely resistant to stains, scratches and accidental impact without any risks of etching when exposed to acids from foods and liquids during food preparation.

Just like the previous releases, the new Eternal designs from Silestone orktops too, are expected to achieve tremendous success as the colours are thoughtful and a perfect choice for every modern or traditional home. Homeowners looking for a worktop material that is beautiful, innovative, and technically supreme should check these new offerings from the brand as they perfectly fit these specifications.