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Silestone Gris Expo quartz

Silestone Gris Expo quartz is manufactured by Cosentino Group who are the biggest quartz producers worldwide.

Silestone Gris Expo quartz

Image of Silestone Gris Expo kitchen worktops. ([email protected])

Stone name: Silestone Gris Expo quartz

Texture: Speckles

Main colour: Grey

Average slab size: 3040x1380mm

Tiles: Available

Applications: Interior

Classification: Engineered quartz/technical quartz

Composition: 85-95% quartz and minerals, 5%-15% pigments and additives

Bending strength: 29-70 MPav

Compression strength: 112-248 MPa

Absorption: 0,04%-0.20%


Gris Expo is one of the strongest and most popular colours out of the Silestone range of quartz stones.

Gris Expo compliments other colours in the extremely popular  'Mythology Series' from Silestone such as Blanco Zeus Extreme, Amarillo Gea, Blanco Norte, Crema Minerva, Cemento Spa, Negro Anubis, Negro Tebas and Rojo Eros.

Silestone Gris Expo Quartz

Close up image of Silestone Gris Expo quartz

Silestone Gris Expo contains mostly natural quartz with a mix of pigments and resins which ensure uniformity in colour.

Silestone Gris Expo tiles are available in the following sizes:

  • Silestone Gris Expo tiles 300x300mm
  • Silestone Gris Expo 400x400mm
  • Silestone Gris Expo 600x300mm
  • Silestone Gris Expo 600x400mm
  • Silestone Gris Expo 600x600mm

Silestone Gris Expo Worktops in Volcano Finish

Silestone Gris Expo worktops in Volcano finish [email protected])

Quartz is a product that gained traction in the 90's becoming probably the most popular of all materials for surfaces that require toughness and stain-free properties.

Silestone Gris Expo in Suede (matt with texture) and Volcano (bush hammered) finishes.

Silestone Gris Expo Suede

Suede is a slightly textured version of this quartz surfaces which increases anti-slip resistance of the material

Both Silestone Suede and Silestone Suede or Volcano finishes need more attention than a polished finish due to the pores on the surfaces and require periodical cleaning.

Silestone Gris Expo Suede 2

Silestone Gris Expo sued kitchen worktops are more subtle surfaces

Silestone Integrity Due Sink Gris Expo

Silestone worktops manufactures built in sinks to match ay of their worktops, above a Siletone Due integrity sink in Gris Expo quartz Worktops

Please ask our team about Silestone  integrity sinks availability and prices

Gris Expo Quartz Worktops by Robert Frank Design

Gris Expo quartz worktops by Robert Frank Design

Quartz is great for floors since it doesn't require sealing, resealing nor polishing, compared to natural stones such as marbles and granites.

Silestone Gris Expo Kitchen Worktops by Finne Architects

Silestone Gris Expo 30mm thickness worktops by Finne Architects

Gris Expo Vanity Top by Dallas Interior Renovations

Gris Expo vanity top by Dallas Interior renovations

Please contact us on 0203 0788912 or via email [email protected] to receive samples or assistance with this material