Technistone Worktops: A Quick Look

Technistone is a fine-quality quartz surface that perfectly blends the raw materials with the latest processing technologies of mixing and pressing. This material essentially comprises of 93% select natural materials. These ingredients are closely bound together with the help of a binder and a filler. Further it is treated to colouring with pigments.

Technistone Noble Carrara Kitchen Worktops

Technistone, similar to many other surface materials, is engineered in such a way that the final product is a smooth, resistant, and non-porous surface. This is why the technistone quartz worktops can be easily used for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Sonora Ambient Kitchen Worktop

Technistone in fact comes available in four separate ranges, all depending on the different kinds of raw materials used as well as their features and appearances.

Technistone Noble Calista Kitchen Worktops

These are enumerated below.

A. Sand - Sand products are built up of silica sands. These surfaces offer smoothness and uniformity of appearance.

Slate Crystal Diamond Ambient Worktop

B. Granite - Granite worktops are designed by combining silica sands and natural granite. These surfaces are beautiful and are engineered to offer durability and strength of the product.

Starlight Brown Ambient Worktop

C. Mirrors - Mirrors is another technistone range that uses compact mirror-like particles that are blended neatly together to offer a surface high on shine.

Technistone Noble Botticino Kitchen Worktops

D. Crystal - Crystal worktops combine together strength and purity and offer the users a beautiful surface. These are built of fine quality imported quartz worktop brought in from places all around the globe.

Gobi Grey-Ambient Worktop

Technistone granite worktops can be found in a variety of interesting colours and can be selected from a wide range of finishes such as antique, matte, polished, crushed, and slate, to name a few. To know more about these surfaces, contact your nearest manufacturer in London and request a quote.

Technistone Brilliant Black Ambient Worktop

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