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The Best Surface Materials for the Urban Balcony

Balcony is the slice of your abode where you can enjoy the rain, hang out in the middle of the night with your friends and watch the moon and stars. Since it is an important part of your home, you should make sure that it’s aesthetically pleasing as well! This blog talks about some inspiring surface materials for your balcony! A dull balcony floor detracts from the mesmerising nature of your outdoor oasis, leaving you less drifted to use this space for relaxing and taking in the view. Several floor coating materials which are in trend these days can be used outdoors to introduce new life into your balcony. These materials are specifically designed to confront the elements and ameliorate the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Here’s a list of some of those inspiring materials for your balcony which are popular in today’s market:

  • Neolith surface: Neolith is made up of natural products which include feldspar, silica, clay and mineral oxides. Neolith surfaces have a great durability factor and come with a minimum guarantee of 15 years. It isn’t porous hence does not stain easily. It is also versatile since it is available in 35 different colours in 12 mm and 5 mm thicknesses.

neolith phedra balcony worktopsThe above image shows Neolith Balcony Worktops for renowned chef Karlos Argunano in model Phedra


  • Dekton surface: It’s said to be the most compact flooring you can ever get. Dekton surfaces properties are of such kind that it doesn’t come in the way of shaping/planning of your architect. It’s also available in varied sizes and thicknesses. You can choose slabs with dimensions 3200x1440mm and some available models in dimensions 3170x1420mm. Also you can choose finishes in polished, matt, smooth matte and textured. If you are looking for a slip resistant finish, Dekton also provides the 'Dekton-Grip' which does wonders in humid and wet areas.

balcony flooring dekton danaeThe above image shows Dekton Danae floor tiles in a Balcony for Hiphotels in Spain

  • Laminam Surface: The most amazing feature besides its visual appeal is that it is ultra-light. Laminam surfaces are available in wide thickness range - 3mm to 12mm. These kinds of surfaces are in so much demand that manufacturers are finding it difficult to meet its global demands! They are available in varied shades, hence you can choose the same according to your needs. Know more - What is Laminam?

laminam bianco assoluto balcony externalThe above image shows floor tiles in Laminam Bianco Assoluto in 5 mm-thick and dimensions 1000x3000mm


  • Ceralsio porcelain: They are very much in trend these days and are available in 22 colours - arctic white to classic dark. Ceralsio porcelain is built for modern day life. It is available in varied textures - polished and natural. Its ability to combat ultraviolet rays of the sun makes it resistant to changes in its texture and colour.

ceralsio ocean stone external cladding facadeThe above image shows a balcony wall cladding in Ceralsio Ocean Stone


  • Concrete: While the sound of it may appear a bit boring to you, it should be kept in mind that the modern concrete-looking materials  offer much more than the shade of grey. They can be matched, adding your favourite colour. Also it can be cut to size to assimilate complicated designs. It is also said that you can cover existing wood balconies with finished concrete-look but it will be better if you take the help of an interior designer/architect to figure out which would be the best approach.

dekton-orix-outdoors-kitchen-worktopsDekton Orix looks just like concrete but it is impervious to weather, highly resistant to stains and scratches.


  • Ceramic Tiles: If you are looking forward to installing ceramic tiles in your balcony then it’s a great idea. Ceramic surfaces have certain advantages which will compel you to choose them over any other flooring material for your balcony. They are excellent when it comes to resistance against the elements. If you live in such extreme climate regions, then they are the best. It has great durability; once set in your compact floor, it will stay in brand new condition for several years. Ceramic surfaces are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with any cleaning products and if broken/cracked, can be easily replaced.