The Largest Range Of Terrazzo Worktop Materials In The UK

Terrazzo was first introduced in the 18th century in Italy. However, its other precedents dating back to the earlier Egyptian civilization. The skilled Italian craftsmen combine chunks of slabs to develop stunning Terrazzo marble and stone.

Today, this innovative material is being used in modern kitchens and bathrooms on walls and floors. Different terrazzo worktop slabs and tiles are being produced to give the interiors a richer feel.

Terrazzo manufacturers form pre-cast worktop slabs by mixing some natural stones like granite, marble and limestone. It is done for achieving a creative blend of the chosen materials. The high level of performance achieved after the amalgamation of picked stones makes Terrazzo slabs or tiles one of the high-performance materials today.

Considering the way terrazzo is being made, it has easier maintenance regimes compared to many available stones. All you need is a neutral cleaner for its daily maintenance and to restore its shine.

Terrazzo Marble and Stone are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Hence, terrazzo is a perfect material for many applications, ranging from tabletops to different furniture units, staircases to handrails, vanity worktops to floor tiles, as well as lounge patterns to fireplace surrounds, and external facades. Even the terrazzo worktop cost in the UK is quite reasonable compared to other worktop stones.

For various applications, My Kitchen Worktop has launched the largest range of terrazzo product which are made worktops in the UK. Here is a list to consider for modern applications:

  • Compac Venezia: Compac Venezia is a subtle white stone with tiny coloured glass crystals spread on its surface. It boasts the beauty of terrazzo worktops and the functionality of quartz. Venecia offers an off-white terrazzo surface with coloured glass fragments scattered throughout the stone. This surface brings the traditional terrazzo look to any space, with charm. In addition to its non-porous surface, Compac Venecia is highly resistant to heat, making it ideal for kitchens. Venecia is available in slabs with dimensions 3040 x 1440 mm. You can also avail this product in thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm for a wide variety of uses,

compac venecia terrazzo worktop


  • Technistone Terrazzo Dark: The leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces from the Czech Republic has launched a Terrazzo Collection. The stones are inspired in ancient terrazzo materials, bringing a modern twist on some of its designs. The slab dimensions are 3050 x 1440 mm and can be chosen in thicknesses of 20 mm an 30 mm.

stone italiana terrazzo dark worktops

  • Stone Italiana Terrazzo Grey: The renowned Terrazzo Grey boasts spots in distinct shades of grey and white speckles, aesthetically accented by a dark grey backdrop. This worktop material is made with over 90% pure quartz crystals and a small percentage of polymers. The blend is then heated, cooled and Vibro-compressed. The result is a compact stone surface that is highly resistant to stains, high temperatures and to scratches. Its non-porosity also ensures that no germs will get into the surfaces.

  • Terrazzo Base: Base is a Beige Terrazzo material displaying fragments in white, dark beige and cream. If you are looking to provide warmth to any ambience, this stone product is ideal. Due to its non-porosity, Terrazzo Base never needs sealants or coatings. This makes a preferred material for making worktops in kitchens of different styles.

stone italiana terrazzo base


  • Terrazzo Dark: Another popular colour from Stone Italiana, this terrazzo kitchen worktop is called Terrazzo Dark. It is the quartz-based composite that’s known for its non-porous characteristics and high-performance. It can be availed in slabs of 3070 x 1440 mm, which is perfect for creating large kitchen islands.

stone italiana terrazzo dark worktops

  • Stone Italiana Terrazzo White: Terrazzo white is made from the finest ingredients like recycled ceramic grits and pure quartz to create a modern worktop that reminds you of the past centuries. This pre-cast terrazzo material is available in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm.

terrazzo white

  • Quarella Trocadero: Quarella Trocadero terrazzo displays the off-white base marble with fine fragments and grains of coloured glass materials scattered throughout its surface. This makes it a perfect material for flooring, furniture and walls.

quarella trocadero

  • Quartzforms Lavic Navajo: This worktop boasts a white surface with beige and grey grains spread across the polished quartz base for bringing out the best of terrazzo. As this is a quartz-based terrazzo product, you won’t have to worry about staining on the etching of its surfaces. This makes Lavic Navajo one of the best contenders when it comes to kitchen worktops applications.

quartzforms lavic navajo

  • Compac Classic Brown: The Compac Classic Brown boasts pre-cast terrazzo marble, along with multidimensional stones, to bring life to any room. One of the advantages of marble-based terrazzo is that it can e re-polished every few years. This will bring back the original sheen like magic, to this terrazzo surface material.

compac classic brown

  • Quarella Soho: It has an off-white marble base with fine grains scattering all over the surface combined with coloured glass fragments to suit an interior or exterior space.

quarella soho


  • Compac Snow: Compac Snow combines engineered technology with the best of nature. When it comes to durability and sturdiness, this terrazzo theme worktop is ideal for the most demanding areas. Snow displays a pure quartz crystal with granite and marble speckle combination. These minerals are randomly scattered over the slab, providing a neutral terrazzo worktop surface. Compac Snow is available in thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. In addition, you can choose this design in two different sheet sizes of 3040 x 1440 mm and a Giant slab of 3300 x 1630 mm.

compac snow quartz

  • Diresco Terrazzo Black: Terrazzo Black is produced by Diresco, a producer and distributor of stones from Belgium. This stone surface offers durability and ease of use, thanks to its zero-porosity. Rather than needing sealants or coatings, Diresco Terrazzo Black worktops can be maintained with soapy warm water and a microfibre cloth. You can avail Diresco Terrazzo Black in slabs with maximum dimensions of 3180 x 1550 mm which are great for large spaces. In addition, you can choose this Black Terrazzo from thicknesses in 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.

diresco terrazzo black