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The Prettiest Natural Marble Worktop Materials to Make Your Kitchen Shine

Many homeowners and builders go for granite or quartz when they have to select the kitchen worktop materials during the design or remodelling of their spaces. However, there are times when natural marble can offer added benefits in terms of aesthetics, durability and toughness. There are contemporary kitchen design themes that work very well with natural marble.

If you were unsure of using this versatile material, let us provide some more details about the prettiest natural marble worktop materials that can add sheen to your kitchen. Check out.

      • Carrara: Since ancient Roman times, this beautiful marble material has been used widely. Carrara marble comes in shades ranging from white to blue-grey. It features luminous grains and a lustrous finish.
Carrara marble
      • Statuario: The bold grey patterns of this marble material are striking. The precious Statuario marble, found in Italy, features stunning gold veining.
Statuario marble
      • Calacatta: With its distinctive looks, the rarer Calacatta marble comes with a white background and grey or gold veining that appears gorgeous.
Calacatta Marble
      • Arabescato Vagli: This amazing Italian natural marble usually comes with a pinkish background. Its grey-green veins and cloudy white clasts are noticeable. Arabescato Vagli marble as worktop offers a sophisticated look to any kitchen.
Arabescato Vagli marble
      • Bleue de Savoye: For a personalised touch, you can go for the stunning Bleue de Savoye marble that comes in colour shades from dark grey to bluish grey. This unique material comes from the French Savoy region.
Bleue de Savoye marble
      • Brown Silk: When you need a silky brown lustre, go for Brown Silk marble that will match with all types of wooden furniture and cabinets in your kitchen.
Brown Silk marble
      • Calacatta Macchia Vecchia: This natural marble material will work the best for your kitchen worktop when you desire a rare, elegant appeal. Calacatta macchia vecchia golden brush strokes merge well into its warm grey veins.
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia
      • Crema Marfil: It features soft-coloured veins in white, golden beige, cinnamon or yellow colour. With a creamy beige background, Crema Marfil marble is a good alternative to limestone.
Crema Marfil marble
      • Statuarietto Extra: This classic Italian marble looks stunning with a white background and light to dark grey veins. You can have precious stone designs created using Statuarietto Extra marble.
Statuarietto Extra marble
      • Grigio Carnico: You will notice this amazing grey marble from a distance. The dark background with whitish veins on Grigio Carnico marble offers a gorgeous appearance to kitchen worktops.
Grigio Carnico marble
      • Gris Pulpis: The Gris Pulpis marble is an exclusive stone quarried in Spain. On a brown background, the calcite veins provide a well-defined look to this material. Gris Pulpis is strong and durable, as well as uniform in appearance.
Gris Pulpis marble
      • Calacatta Borghini: This natural marble material provides a crisp white look. Calacatta Borghini marble usually displays deep grey veins and highlights in gold or taupe. This is your worktop stone when you need a sophisticated and elegant design.
Calacatta Borghini marble

Make a statement with these natural marble materials when you are choosing a solid-surface worktop for your unique modern kitchen.